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Just How Much? Unity Is Crucial

Sep 24th 2010 at 7:50 PM

Can you have a Success Journey without it? There's a Certain amount necessary where ever you are. Or what you do.

I guess Unity is an Ingrained Inner being of james lennis burnett jr. To gain friends you Need Unity. For business associations Unity. In life's Forward motion Unity is a Crucial Key to every Success Journey.

Take the following [E.G.,] People come to your residency. You invite them inside. You show practicable hospitality not too much, and not too little. Offer something cool to drink in warm weather; or hot in a cold climate. These are natural actiivities for one expectations after they have comfortably entered in and sort out a relaxing place or spot they feel at home with the person who has invisited them in! Conversation flows both ways willingly and in ease of expression.

That's what we [would everyone of us] expect in being invisited into  some else environment.

Now, briefly look at the same beginning, under an opposing situation. Your Invited into someone house or home. They cheerfully welcome you inside. They do something that you find Very Odd from the Start. That being your comfort zone is Never your own as its constant limited by their closeness around you nearly every moment of your time in their presence. They offer you a place to seat, they give you a choice of beverage to drink. All good! Yet, within everything that their do, it appears to be an Intent in purpose to have you [Get you to feel] Obligated to them services. Looking for you to Forego your own Choice to Decide. If you will, a seemingly a la carte mindset in a residential setting.

In the first, example: Even if you didn't the get involved in anything the these person or people were about. You're not feeling Pressed into any sense of action. Fact is they've allowed for your willingness to get to know them and vice-a-versa. A mutual setting of exchange is in order and welcomed throughout the your stay. As you may not mind at all a return visit because you believe and felt an at home environment both with the surroundings and Key with the person or people's presence. The being in their presence is pleasing and welcomed.

Now, for the other scenario. Who in their earnest feedback wouldn't express concern about the actions and activities with an Actual Overbearing attitude. No mutual grounds for an established feel or thought of pleasant space of freedom within their visiting another's  place. Discourse is strained. Thus, forget any thought of a returning, as the primary thought gives way to an escape. Indeed Not a friendly thought process.

It has been said, and it remains True today. Confession is Good for the Soul [Real-Person Inner-Purpose]. When I Really look at the three fingers that stare back @me! The thumb up in position, points to a better thought process which I should always adhere to. The lone pointing index finger points away from the problem. The problem you may ask? Yes, the problem would be me and what I do?

Did I treat the person or people coming in my IM faceplate environment as cherish friends to be, allowing for comfort in having another meeting. Am I as consistent with this mindset as I ought to be? Giving way to - every person is indeed, complex, different and unique. "The purpose of having a meeting; have another meeting."

In short, just how probable is that second meeting within anyone attitude to others in the mindset of the second scenario? I must admit for my clarity I've been Guilty on an occasion or two.

I Need to become a better, constant professional.

Practice in itself Never mades Perfect. As believed! My Dad, later on in his long life began to state on a continual basis. "Practice doesn't make Perfect; Perfect Practice makes Perfect!" At 1st, I Really thought to myself that he had just Changed the old saying for the sake of change.

However, I Now Challenge anyone, who thinks in a sober-mindset to Discount that Revision to a Reasonable Doubt of Uncertainty. For e.g., two persons of equal talent, practice the same instrument. One practices for practice. Adding whatevernote they've randomly chose, not jiving [to make sound sense]. While the other's habit in practicing within melodic balance and adhering to musical practical endurance and Perfection.

Do I Need to go any further?

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