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Just Because A Marketer Said Traffic Exchanges "Suck"

Aug 15th 2010 at 1:58 PM

Traffic exchanges "suck" according to most marketers. Could that be because they don't know how to use them?

Marketers will put their sales pages up on traffic exchanges, expecting that they are going to make a ton of sales. Is that how traffic exchanges work?  No!

The simple concept of traffic exchanges is you view my site and I'll view yours. A credit based system is the backbone of traffic exchanges. So, in order to have your site shown to others, you get a credit for every view of another person's site.

Most traffic exchanges work on a 10 second timer system.  There are some with longer timers, but generally, it is the 10 second timer.

Success on traffic exchanges means that you have to understand the psychology of a traffic exchange. The psychology is to get as many credits as you can so that you turn them into views for your sites. Which means, the viewer is going to click as soon as he can. Simply put, to make your pitch you have about 10 seconds.

Most marketers fail to comprehend this most simple concept. Marketers put a lengthy sales letter up and expect other surfers are going to read it. Simply put again, you only have 10 seconds to grab the surfers attention

So, how would you put that 10 seconds to your advantage? Simply put, you use simple squeeze pages or "splash" pages.

Be short and to the point, tell the surfer what he will get if they opt-in to your list. Squeeze pages or splash pages are the only type of page that you should submit to traffic exchanges.

A really effective splash page could get you hundreds of subscribers using traffic exchanges. It should be easy to navigate, be attractive, and be simple.  An effective tactic to use is to have big colored arrows pointing to the opt-in-box.

It is an art to use traffic exchanges to build your list. You have to make the surfer feel like they've lost something big if they don't op-in.

Time management is another important factor in a successful traffic exchange campaign. A rigid schedule should be maintained for your surfing. Since, as we all know, time is money, if you don't get enough subscribers, you could actually be losing money.

To keep it simple, start with 2 or 3 top exchanges and set a time or surf limit. Surfing 100 sites each day on your favorite exchanges every day is recommended. Tabbed browsing makes this task really simple and it doesn't take too long. I would say that it takes approximately one hour to surf 100 pages. In other words, that is 500 views to my squeeze pages every day. If I can get 10 subscribers, that is an opt-in rate of just 2 per cent.

A good rule to remember is that every subscriber is worth $2. Theorectically you could make $20 an hour, if you get 10 subscribers in an hour. Now are you seeing the power in traffic exchanges?

So, you ask, what are the best traffic exchanges?  My favorites are:

1. HitsBoosterPro
2. High Hits
3. WebBizInsider
4. Traffic Splash
5. Tezak Traffic Power

There are some traffic exchanges that have joined together so that if you surf them all together, you will increase your earn ratio.  Example is Dragon Surf, Traffic Splash, I Love Hits, and StartXchange.

 Now, another way to get views to your sites is to get referrals  By building your downline under your affiliate link, you can get a percentage of what they earn.

Enough active referrals means you can actually earn enough credits every day to get your sites seen many times.

To lessen the confusion and difficulty in promoting all 5 of the above sites individually, there is a way to promote only one link

There are what you call "downline builders".  And there are many out there but the one I use is Affiliate Funnel. You sign up for free, enter in all your traffic exchanges' information, and then you promote your Affiliate Funnel link. Affiliate Funnel does the rest. Every exchange they join from inside Affiliate Funnel under your link is now your referral.

Using Affiliate Funnel is one of the easiest ways to get mega traffic to your sites and lots of subscribers to your lists.

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