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Jump Variables To Predict Sprint Performance

Aug 10th 2012 at 10:52 PM

Sprint, on the basis of many different tests are performed to predict. Sprint to predict performance, these tests should specifically assess the possibility that Sprint steps affect performance. The aim of this study of acceleration (ACC) on the relationship between performance and implementation of maximum (MAX) to investigate the sprint stages, and other variables [distance, GRF absolute terms and relative speed, power, and continuity , was running (weight and height). Squat Jump (SJ), Output countermovement (CMJ), a drop-off (DJ) ten seconds (vRJ10) during repetitive vertical jumps, horizontal jumps and 5 (5hJ): Twenty two male sprinters, five-stage test were diagnosed of. Best predictors of CAC and Sprint MAX 5 5hJ contact times between horizontal and have an index. Jump to distance using the results of another variable (GRF, speed, strength, and continuity) and is also considered favorable for variables related to body weight and height jump wikipedia. Introduction: success in the sprint events is determined by three main factors, (1) the player's ability for fast acceleration, (2) ability to achieve a maximum speed of the race and the ability to (3) against the onset of fatigue to maintain the momentum. The maximum power level of power and speed that applies to land in each development, Sprint will be better. Many of the most power in the powers of different tests to predict performance based on Sprint. In order to predict sprint performance. Blocks from the start, acceleration (ACC) and the implementation maximum (MAX): These tests (in terms of movement pattern, force production of muscle groups) physical abilities, especially those relating to the phases of performance speed should review the impact jump manual . Jump tests commonly used by coaches to players to race away with tracking the progress of training usually only measure that [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] is taken into account, due to the jump. However, like running a sprint in the game, but another major variable [off, food, and continuity, both taken in the absolute magnitude or extent of the body (eg, weight and height) of the force ground reaction (GRF), velocity] jump, and predictors of performance indicators as the level of care can provide very useful information. The aim of this study the sprint race (ACC, MAX) and other variables [distance, GRF, speed, strength, and continuity of the absolute and relative terms in two steps (weight and height) to examine the relationship between performance era], five different tests: Jump Squat Jump (SJ), countermovement out (CMJ), a drop-off (DJ) ten seconds (vRJ10) during repetitive vertical jumps, horizontal jumps and 5 (5hJ).

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