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jump manual - Transmission Problems in Cold Weather

Jul 19th 2012 at 11:09 PM

Cold weather often causes a lot of car problems starting from the ignition of tires on fuel lines, and finally dead motor or dead battery in a car. In cold weather most of the time, a car is the engine of the hardest to deal in terms of ignition and starting, and on the other hand, it is also the battery is empty, because the chemical reaction slows down miserably in the battery. All of these problems arises in a car because of the weather gets cold on the outside. A cold weather usually affects a lot of car parts and prevents the car to function in its usual manner. Another problem worth mentioning is the thickening of the liquid oil. It is closer to a large extent, and creates a lot of friction within the starter. This in turn reduces the spinning of the car engine too! An automatic transmission is installed in a motor vehicle, more reliable system in these days. So it worked with the fundamental need in a car. However, the occurrence of problems transferring a very common problem and if you live in an extremely cold country, these problems is a primary option. So now let's discuss what is the basic problem that causes an error in the transmission network.

What is Transmission System

The gearbox is directly next to the engine itself and acts as the vehicle from key internal systems. It also directly with the engine efficiency and smooth functions. The torque drive is produced by the engine, the transmission component makes it possible to create variations in speed. Without the transmission would be a vehicle in a position to work with single speed. Transmission system is usually available in two versions: manual and automatic transmission. Today, every modern car has an automatic transmission, the gears in the vehicle by the vehicle can be self-administered, while, classic car transmission systems was installed in them always requires manual attention when changing gears.

What happens to the transmission network in Cold Weather

Speaking of common transmission problems in a vehicle, as is, broken gears and bands, bad transmission fluids and so on, automatic transmission problems, the most common problem in extremely cold weather. This condition is also called the transmission slipping. It causes only when the vehicle is surrounded with an ice-cold weather. In such cases, the starting transmission system operators as well as contracts expire and freezes the liquid fuel line from the seals resulting in a low line pressure. If the vehicle is facing a low line pressure or inadequate fuel supply within the system would refuse the transmission gears to function correctly and that would cause transmission slipping. On the contrary, a transfer slip also occur if the system gets too hot. Therefore, to maintain a stable transmission system in a car, have the pressure and the fluid levels to regulate properly, without heat or extra cold.

Now, under this paragraph, above all, we read, was how cold weather affects the total prevents transmission system in a car and that it is working properly. So take, let us some brief notes on some other major problems with transmission system operators to see in cold weather.

Some other transmission problems due Cold Weather

Sometimes certain cars rev rises and rises over a longer period of stay up to speed before his move from his seat. In addition, if the car was not working for a long time, it is not warm up immediately, but takes a while to start.

The car does not change gear quickly, because they are stuck due to the liberation of temperature on the outside. After the car warms correctly within a few miles to start the programs to function normally.

The battery of the car is the most important component when they dry out, freeze or turn in cold weather to pass weak, obviously your car in a big solution. All you can do here is to either clean the terminals, or even jump manual download start your car with a new battery.

If the engine of your car will not start, probably the biggest problem is the thickening of the oil. When the oil is not viscous enough to flow through the motor, it is of course the starter no medium would have to be supplied with power. Ensure that the viscosity of the oil is 5W-30.

If the fuel tanks (if they are not completely filled), the fuel lines tend to be cold to the fuel tank. Ice starts all over the connecting lines, which do not form a good sign. Therefore, the only solution to completely fill the fuel tank and clean the air filter.

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