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Jul 12th 2012 at 3:49 AM

-Basic education-

The basic advice is that you must treat the puppy with affection, but also with firmness and consistency. Do not ever let what is not willing to allow for

life, is adamant about this, otherwise you become an animal whimsical and uncomfortable.

A well behaved dog under control and not causing problems, and becomes an animal that gives great satisfaction. The boxer is an intelligent and highly

trainable dog, with a minimum of dedication and education becomes an animal that is a pleasure to live.

Praise and pet your dog whenever you do something well, you can even give it some food as a reward. Ríñale always do something wrong with a loud "NO". If

"NO" is not enough correction (not impressed) must be accompanied by something more filling like a sharp pull of the belt or a shake of the neck. It is very

important that both praise and corrections are made at the exact moment of the action. Just in time for action and not minutes or even seconds later, the

puppy because you no longer associate.

Introduce your puppy that allows you all kinds of manipulations: picked up, hold one leg, holding his head, examine your mouth, etc.. It is normal at first

from struggling and protesting, but you must remain firm and not give up until he calms down and yield. The puppy should also get used to that you take away

toys, Jump Manual food, etc.. Do not forget that the boss is you and not the dog.

Clean inside of house to get the puppy does not get dirty in the house, you must bring it to the street very often. To remove the key moments are:

immediately after waking up and eating. The use of a cage can be helpful for this purpose.

Nibbling: all puppies like to chew things, including your sleeve, pants, hand, etc.. When doing this seriously ríñale with a "NO" and immediately offer an

acceptable alternative to direct their desire to chew, a toy, a teether, etc.

Jump: puppies and young dogs tend to jump into the faces of people and other dogs as a form of greeting and recognition. Should not afford it and every time

you try to scold him with a loud "NO". You only need to pet him and congratulate him when you have all 4 feet on the ground. When the puppy is older, you can

knee him in the chest (besides "NO") whenever you try to jump on you

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