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JubiRev- The Truth

May 29th 2013 at 4:39 PM

I am writing this blog post because I do not agree with the information in one of Oz's BehindMLM postings. First I must inform you that I have been a member of JubiRev since it was in pre-launch back in Feb. 2013 and that I agree with most of the online program reviews that Oz writes in BehindMLM.

But one thing that I have noticed about some of Oz's posts is that he sometimes just writes what his OPTION is, without knowing the correct FACTS about a program.  And I have found some major errors in his JubiRev ditch auto reinvestment, add Quality Score posting.

Yes JubiRev has introduced the affiliate Quality Score which will measure what percentage of JubiPoints are being used to actually purchase JubiMax products.  And yes all JubiRev affiliates will be required to maintain a 10% affiliate Quality Score if they wish to receive daily ROI on their their accumulated JubiPoint balance.

And yes, at the JubiRev webinar, founder J. Joshua Beistle, did announced that the above Quality Score was being introduced after some “leaders” expressed concerns over “abuse” occurring by some affiliates that were trying to using JubiRev as if it was just another "passive" income program, which it is NOT.

But I applaud JubiRev in doing this, as I believed all along that only a 100% customer base profit sharing income program will ever last that test of time.  This was the main reason that I joined JubiRev and not 
programs like GoFunPlaces and AddWallet. 

You see I remember what happened to ZeekRewards when affiliates were just dumping free bids, in fake auction customer accounts, just to generate more daily ROI.  So when JubiRev's founder, J. Joshua Beistle, found the same thing happening in JubiRev, he took steps to STOP it.

But a major error in Oz's BehindMLM posting is stating that the Customer Volume (CV) requirement is something new.  IT IS NOT!!! The requirement of having to have a minimum CV each month (30 CV for 25,000 and under and 60 CV for over 25,000 JubiPoints balance) has ALWAYS been part of the daily ROI qualification plan.  Just like the minimum 15 PV requirement.  So Oz's statement that "affiliate’s were (never) told this before thousands of them handed over money to JubiRev" is simply not true.   If you did not know this, then its because you just didn't want to know and you should not blame STUPID on the program you joined.

These two daily ROI qualification items are covered both in everybody back office and on countless JubiRev webinars, from the very start of the program.  The fact that some JubiRev affiliates are saying that  "They were told to giveaway JubiBucks and customers may or may not use them, but your only job is to giveaway JubiBucks." were NOT hearing this on official JubiRev webinars.

As far as affiliates purchasing "fake" customers from third-party merchants, I say that if you were doing this then you should have known better.  As I have never once hear JubiRev founder, J. Joshua Beistle, ever encouragement affiliates to use or even endorse a third-party merchant to get new JubiMax customer sign ups. 

Yes I do know of some JubiRev affiliates that did promote the use of these third-party merchants to get new JubiMax customers, but since the JubiRev CV and PV monthly requirements were always in place, any affiliate should have known that getting "fake" customers was not going to help them build their JubiRev business.

By the way Oz, you do not have to wait to see the official JubiRev compensation documentation, as this the same PDF that has been online since JubiRev started in Feb. 2013 - (please note that both the CV and PV requirements are in this PDF).

I also totally agree with JubiRev founder, J. Joshua Beistle, when he stated "This is not an investment, it never has been.  If the investment side of the revenue-sharing culture is your thing, go somewhere else."

Your Friend,
Philip Reitcheck

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