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Jubirev - Join Revenue Sharing Revolutin

Feb 8th 2013 at 2:20 AM

JubiRev department is partnering JubiMax.
JubiMax is an advanced e-commerce portal that allows users to have a huge savings (up to 80%) of the high demand for products and services.
This program brings together four of the top selling products in the markets, as well as
tourism and trade aspects, all integrated in a unique pattern of distribution of profit, the likes of which we've never seen before.

Products + Services

Skincare - Skincare
Weight loss - Weight loss (JubiTrainer offer hundreds of different exercises)
Energy Drinks - Energy Drinks
Vitality products - Vitality Products
Travel component - Tourist component (Jubi Tours, participation in which will give you the opportunity to receive rewards in the form of vouchers)
Shopping Cash back - trade discounts (Jubi Rebates, people here will be able to save money on buying things for everyday use, those that they acquire in any case)


We will be allowed to hand out samples of all these different products and give JUBI card customers.
On virtual cards, we load JUBI BUCKS.
Customers can then log into the portal and use the Jubi Card, to get a discount on the purchase of any goods.
Each JUBI BUCK, which are downloaded to the Jubi Card (which is done automatically by the system), and it brings you JUBI POINTS.
It is these JUBI POINTS, that determine your share of income.
The idea is to earn as many JUBI POINTS, all the while knowing JUBI BUCKS.
And the more you JUBI POINTS, the more you earn JUBI BUCKS daily, which can be cashed out or given to customers to earn more JUBI POINTS so more JUBI BUCKS in the future and the cycle continues.

The end result, it is clear that it was not necessary to invite that would be able to earn.

To qualify for a daily fee is required:
Place an ad in one day (the amount or the actual content of these ads is not disclosed).
JUBI POINTS have in your account.


You can convert up to 60% of your jubibucks balance in cash (output)
You can convert JUBI BUCKS to be able to pay your monthly status. (There are 4 monthly membership, each with its own benefits - $ 15, $ 50, $ 100, $ 200)
You can use JUBI BUCKS to buy personal products for yourself ... By the way, for that you pay 50% matching bonus to JUBI POINTS
You can transfer your JUBI BUCKS its other partners, which are required for certain actions

For each JUBI BUCKS you spend (give), you get 1005 JUBI POINTS which then brings you daily JUBI BUCKS


There are 10 ways to make money!
Now, I can not talk about 10 different ways, as this has not been disclosed, but we can discuss the approximate model of the distribution of share of income.

** The company shares with us up to 50% of their daily income to its members.
** You earn JUBI POINTS, who continue to work every day for 105 days
Referral system ** 3 levels, on their initial and ongoing JUBI BUCKS your partners:
Lv.1 earnings 10% 5% earnings lvl.2 lvl.3 pay 1%

Additional unique features *** ***

✓ In addition to the above, the partner can earn an additional 0.5% through 8 levels deep structure as UNILEVEL.
✓ Unique to this program is a function called JUBI SUITE.
✓ Within 60 days (from the date of registration of the partner), the sponsor is able to determine his personal partner in any place in its structure (it is a useful feature for strong promoters, and they can cut their first level in favor of more depth, which ultimately gives greater stability and, of course, the benefits of each member of the following, as they can now have a random placement of the lower from the higher.)
✓ Sponsor continues to receive all fees owed to him by any partner, but now the bottom-most are getting 0.5% daily bonus for each of the partners under it (this is a very powerful feature, which means that people who are completely passive can benefit not only from the interest income generated by their own JUBI POINTS, but they can now receive 0.5% of the partners under a .... up to eight levels deep! SUPER!)

Check it out here: JubiRev

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