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JubiRev 188 Day Update

Aug 12th 2013 at 6:03 PM

Here is my 188 day update of JubiRev MLM program.  My first review of JubiRev was on  2/5/2013 and you can go to it for basic information about the program, as this posting will only cover the new changes in the program and comp plan.

JubiRev Changes -   First here are the the main JubiRev terms that I will cover in this posting.
Personal Volume (PV) - Monthly affiliate purchases that are set up on a monthly auto-ship purchase.

Customer Volume (CV) - Monthly affiliate customer purchases that are paid with cash, not with JubiBucks.
Personal Quality Volume (PQV) - Total of a affiliates PV, plus CV, each month.

Up to 50% of daily revenue is paid out daily to qualified affiliates as both JubiBucks and cash (maximum daily cash payment is 60%).  Amount of daily revenue share is based totally on the number of unexpired JubiPoints that a affiliate has that day.  Affiliates qualify for daily earnings (company profit sharing) by meeting the following:
(1. Place an JubiMax ad each day,
(2. Maintain a 20% Quality Score (QS). This means that a minimum of 20% of the JubiBucks (JB) that have been given to a affiliate customers must have been used to purchase products,
(3. Minimum monthly PQV of 45, with a minimum of 30 of these coming from CV or 260 monthly PQV, with a minimum of 60 of these coming from CV, for affiliates with over 25,000 JubiPoints.

JubiPoints are earned as follows;  5 JubiPoints for each JubiBuck use by a customer to purchase products; 10 JubiPoints for each $1 spent by a customer to purchase products; and 15 JubiPoints for each $1 spent by a customer to purchase a auto-ship monthly product.  JubiPoints expire based on an affiliates membership level, at the time of when the JubiPoints where earned, as follows; Jade -80 days; Ruby 85 days; Emerald 95 days, and Diamond 105 days.  Other customer bonuses are Retail Sales bonus of up to 30% on customers cash purchases and a New Customer bonus, but I can find no additional information about qualifying for these bonuses.

The monthly membership payment plans have been eliminated, as a affiliates membership level is now by a affiliates monthly (PQV).  The different membership levels are as follows;  Jade 15 PQV; Ruby 50 PQV; Emerald 100 PQV; and Diamond 200 PQV.   As you can see an affiliate DOES NOT have to sponsor additional affiliates, but all affiliates must sponsor one or more JubiMax customers to be able to earn daily with this program.

Now for those affiliates that be want to sponsor additional affiliates a Team Bonus of 5% on direct referrals monthly PQV up to matrix level 8, plus a 10% monthly Check Matching bonus as follows; Jade to level 5; Ruby to level 6; Emerald to level 7; and Diamond to level 8.

And if you are a advanced super affiliate marketer, you can purchase either a VIP Premium package ($599) or VIP Elite package ($1,350) placing you into a A-Team.  Affiliates receive a $50 commission on each Premium package and a $100 commission for each VIP Elite pack they sell to either new affiliates or customers.  VIP packages can be either filled with JubiMax products or travel packages, your choice.

After a A-Team affiliate sells either (6) VIP Premium packs (two must be to personal sponsored affiliates) or  (3) VIP Elite packs (one must be to a personal sponsored affiliate) or $3,800 in VIP pack sales, they become a Max Team member.  After which they will receive a $1,000 bonus for every additional (6) VIP Premium pack sales or (3) VIP Elite pack sales or $3,800 in VIP pack sales.  Then after their (100) VIP Premium pack sale or 50 VIP Elite pack sale or $65,000 in VIP pack sales, a affiliate receive a $10,000 bonus.  These bonuses can be earned over and over again.

A Fast Start bonus are paid to affiliates that can sign up (3) auto-ship JubiMax customers or (3) VIP pack sales in their first 30 days.  The Fast Start bonus is 50% more earned JubiPoints for life and double monthly Car Club bonus.  Other bonuses listed are a $350 monthly Car Club bonus, Rank Advancement bonus, Infinity bonus, and an additional 10% to 25% Check Matching for Max Team members, but I cannot find any additional information on these bonuses.

JubiMax Changes -  They have added the following products since launch.  The Max Health Ionic Mineral Spray, Max Relief Formula, Jubi Coffee, and Max Slim Formula (14 capsules). So far my wife has "tested" most of the products and has given me the following report.  First she only likes one of the skin care products (Youth - Nighttime Peptide Treatment Cream) as she feels that that other products dry out her skin to much.  Of the other products she has tested she likes the Max Relief Formula and Jubi Coffee, with the Max Relief Formula being her overall favorite.

Of the products that I have tested, I like the Max Slim Formula (60 capsules) and Max Cardio Formula.  Products yet to be tested by either my wife or me are the Max Health Ionic Mineral Spray and Max Energy Mixer and we are planning on testing these next.

My Current Opinion..... This program has a lot going for it as it passes almost all the MLM legal requirements needed to keep a MLM program both "long lasting" and "stable".  First the requirement for "real" marketable products (which it has) and for affiliates to have "real" customers in order to be able to earn money.  Most MLM programs might have one of these requirements, but very few have both, which is why they get into trouble with most government agencies.

The only items that I see that are missing from this program to make it 100% legitimate is the need for a "Income Disclosure Statement" and money back guarantee on its VIP packages, but these are items that are easy to fix by the program owner.

What makes this program so appealing to me is the daily revenue payments.  This is one of the only programs out there that you can join for FREE, just get yourself a few "real" paying customers, purchase your first auto-ship JubiMax product, and then be able to earn enough daily earnings each month to purchase your needed auto-ship product FREE, that you need to keep your account qualified for daily earnings.

Plus as you both sign up additional customers or affiliates, and continue to give away your earned JubiBucks, you continue to build your JubiPoints, which builds your JubiRev business, making you even more money month after month.

The best part is that you can join JubiRev for FREE which will give you an opportunity to check out the member’s area, and to learn even more about this great JubiRev opportunity.  Or maybe you would like to just "test" out some of the products first.  If that is the case, you can become a JubiMax customers and I will give you some JubiBucks that you can use to purchase some JubiMax products.

Your Friend,
Philip Reitcheck

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