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JubiMax Review

Feb 5th 2013 at 4:24 PM

This is my review of the new JubiRev / JubiMax income program.  First I must state that this program is still in pre-launch, but here is what I have found out about the program so far.  The JubiRev / JubiMax company is based in the British Virgin Islands.

JubiMax will be a e commerce site (portal) that will sell skincare, weight loss, energy drinks, vitality, travel discount, and shopping cash back products.  The site states that JubiMax consumers could save up to 80% on their purchases.  It is being promoted as a global opportunity and with JubiMax being able to ship to 60 different Countries worldwide.

JubiRev will be the marketing arm for JubiMax.  There are 4 different JubiRev monthly membership plans ($15, $50, $100, $200 ) each with their own special benefits. JubiRev allows no stacking, meaning you can have only one account and you can not sign up household members as your referrals. JubiRev will be based on a daily revenue share model that is reported to work like this.  JubiRev affiliates will be allowed to give away samples of JubiMax products, by giving away JubiBucks to JubiMax customers.  These JubiBucks will go onto virtual cards which JubiMax customers can use to offset their JubiMax product purchase costs.  For every JubiBuck that you load unto a customer's JubiMax card you earn a JubiPoint.  JubiRev affiliates earn additional daily JubiBucks (from up to 50% of JubiMax's daily revenue) from their JubiPoints.  You can earn daily your JubiPoints for 105 days and then they expire.

The daily JubiBucks that you earn can be either be;
(1. Converted, at up to 60%, as cash for withdraw
(2. Converted to pay your monthly membership
(3. Used to purchase personal products for yourself, if you do this you get paid  50% in JubiPoints
(4. Given away to other leaders who might have customers who can uses these extra JubiBucks, if you do this you still get 100% of your JubiPoints.
(5. Or automatically give them away to your JubiMax customers as JubiBucks, to earn you even more JubiPoints, and the cycle continues every day.

The only thing you need to qualify for daily JubiBuck rewards is to place daily JubiMax advertising ads (quantity or content of these ads have not been disclosed yet) and have some current JubiPoints.  The program has not disclosed if you also need to sign up JubiMax customers, but I believe you must get some JubiMax customers to have a place to send your JubiBucks to.   But the program does state that you DO NOT have to sponsor anybody to earn with this program making it a passive type program.

Your affiliate referral commissions run down 3 complete levels. Your direct referrals earn you 10% on their initial and recurring JubiBuck earnings.  Level two referrals earn you 5% and level three referrals earn you 1%. A affiliate can also earn an additional 0.5% through an additional 8 levels down in a unilevel (another word for matrix).

Now if the above sounds very familiar to you, it might be because of a past online revenue sharing income program called ZeekRewards, which I was a member of.  Remember ZeekRewards was the marketing arm for the Zeekler penny auction site, and if you have been in online marketing for any time you know what happened to ZeekRewards revenue sharing program.  That said JubiRev states that it will be a more product based type revenue sharing program than ZeekRewards was.  Plus  JubiRev does have one more than going for it that ZeekRewards did not, and that is it is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, out of the reach of the US government SEC.

I have gone ahead and joined this program, as it is FREE to join, but since this program is still in pre-launch, I will have to wait a few weeks to learn more.  After it has launched I can make a more informed decision as to whether to pursue this company by upgrading my membership.  I know they have claimed to have worked out all the "problems" that sunk the past ZeekRewards program, however we shall see if this holds true in the future. You can join JubiRev/JubiMax for FREE at this link- which will give you an opportunity to check out the member’s area, and to learn more about JubiRev/JubiMax.

Who knows maybe it will be the next big thing since ZeekRewards.  Only time will tell.

Your Friend,
Philip Reitcheck

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