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Feb 5th 2013 at 12:39 AM

Nightmare, began to torture me, for two days, the dream began to clear echoed in the brain, constantly tangled, torture, bid farewell to the long dream, began to torture me, dream is not believed, I hide in the corner, deep terror, escape the naked bare. Buy Cheap Jordan Online 180 degree turns the dream, the picture quickly transform, is home, day and night after home, is afraid of the results, no results in the dream, I only hold baggage began his journey on the train, do not know that mom and Dad, okay? The family began to shift appears in the dream, didn't even remember grandma has gone, I am doomed to wandering! Not too observant of conventional standards. I like women's life, declining, but bloom brilliant dark red flowers. Star, have to miss you, marriage certificate, is it right?

How to give birth to a child, married, love is common, but the marriage without love? What is vulgar, your heart is tired, tired of you, life is tired, our time is tired, that year you said: to follow me, to the city to the South with me. That year you said: wait, have enough money to go. Money is never enough, or we just want the steady life, never accept the challenge? That year you said: I want to get married. Cheap Jordan Online I want to get married. I think if I were home, we go to eat hot pot, is the most hot kind, will drink, many will drink, we cry, will hold heat, smoke, then I will not say, go ahead, early demise reincarnation. You will say: bah, I haven't lived enough. Winter is coming, you say to weave my scarf, I don't buy the product, the only industrial flavor, I want you to taste. We are all tired, You do not retreat, and nine days. But more people hug you sleep, just a man, an unfamiliar man.

Maybe the man is a lifetime, I don't agree with it, how can you get married earlier than I do, you a secular little woman, you are a virtuous wife. I said, you are always children, accustomed to let people hurt, spoil, others do not think of you, you never take the initiative to think of others. Yes, how can I understand your children to marry the timid? Every time I leave Yinchuan have you accompany, you looked after me, that moved to continue for a long time, I go home, we eat hot pot, Buy Cheap Jordan the two of us, don't take little Wei Hejun that chick, we drink, let your husband angry go, he should eat my vinegar, every person who loves me all the love. A person's character is the soul of a man, my soul is what kind of? As if to see, so lonely in the corner, all of a sudden strong not up, do not say the love easily, or fly to the spider web, is swallowing, I'm not afraid of pain, long time no pain, but love warm, Maybe I'll Dutch act future! Don't know is make fun of, or really had such thoughts, about death, I am afraid, I want to give my mother happy, I have not done.

About death, I think I will not choose to die too ugly, although I did not pay attention to the appearance of the people, but to clean, the loose-fitting gown, not for a long time through the warm, there is a bare arms, I like to touch your skin, smooth, and ice cold. I think I was a child. Computer radiation, dry facial skin, suddenly I don't care, makeup is not suitable for me, too much trouble, or makeup, Buy Cheap Jordan Retro Shoes must enter no remarkable face, what's more, I'm a nobody loves children here, looking to see who. Suddenly think of high-heeled shoes, has been very loving, but bought shoes but was shelved in the shoe rack, dust, hated feet bound, but still like high-heeled shoes woman decoration is proud, I am proud of not.

Perhaps the time so be over, on the road, around it, I found that I was tired, tired of always wanted to go to the northwest, too lazy to look at both sides of the street tree, to feel the water tender, maybe because of the network, or something in the network, some people. But be hardly worthy of belief in my world, still I will not walk out Buy Jordan Online of his to weave their own stories, weave a dream, or live in their own world, although small, although the ghost defeat, although empty, but can enjoy the quiet of his world, even warm, even if it is warm so distant, so unrealistic but still, love, don't even know the next direction will choose what place, everything in the dream, I think there will be a day I woke up.

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