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Jan 22nd 2013 at 1:32 AM

Teaching and coaching, could have been corrected God living habits, but the social life includes many aspects, if not standard behavior, not to care for this and lose that not thoughtful. Class in the army, to the official line, indecent assault majesty, Prayer temple worship, supply ghosts, indecent assault not sincere. With respect to the gentleman is cut down courtesy. the employment level, Fire Red 5S 2013 organization and management of the work force, service, law enforcement, without some rules of behavior, will lose the dignity, not make people obey. Whether the special sacrifice or regular worship, and support the ghosts and gods, if not according to certain rituals, i.e. lost the spirit of sincerity and seriousness. In short, the leader of social life, need to respect modest concessions to carry forward the spirit of the standard behavior.

The ape can speak, not from the beast. People and rude words, though, is not also beasts heart? Only animals rude, so loving hind and poly, Therefore the sage, as a gift to teach. Pre Order Fire Red 5 the end is nothing but the birds; orangutans can speak, the end is nothing but the beast. Humans can speak without moral not is also the beasts of the heart? The ancient sages, for this reason, based on moral righteousness and developed a set of standard behavior, so that every act with criteria, and know that they are not animals. Therefore, Li can not learn it. all others favor and not return, do not accord with propriety; the reward and no favor to people, also is not at the ceremony. The role of the ceremony, and the relation between people and people, to balance stability, Buy Fire Red 5S Online otherwise, would be inclined. So say: the ceremony is not learning. now Li, to humble oneself and respect the others. The main spirit of ritual is restraint and respect for others. Fan as the son of Rites: winter temperature and Xia Qing, faint and morning, not fight in the ugly. Do sons and daughters of the ceremony, make parents warm in winter, cool in the summer, night for his bed pillow, early in the morning as he greeted. And in equal coexistence, no dispute, See father hold, not that the king did not dare enter, not that the back can't retreat; Jordan Fire Red 5 don't ask, did not dare to. It’s to see his father's people, if he does not call into the top, will not go into the front. Don't call back, also dare not to retreat.

They also are filial respect, proper behavior. V is the son of man: will tell, the need to face, by will have often, the habit will be industry. Constant words not said the old. Retro 5 Fire Red For Sale The five elders have different social, it seats. As other people's children, go out to face your parents, so to go home. Travel to a certain place, learn to work thin, so care about your parents have reference. Meet the age twice as big man, might as well as parents to look at; ten years old big brother.

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