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Jan 23rd 2013 at 6:19 PM

Thursday ,did you feel, you have been busy, on the run, entertainment, if you stop, take a look at the color of the city now? the whole city subject with gray color is given priority to, asphalt road, reinforced cement, around the city. there is no green of speech, jordan retro 5 fire red for saleeven the sky is grey, often by industrial pollution, the whole city color abnormal gloomy, look at the roadside people face, also shows a pair of the appearance of the door. the whole city is the feeling of industrialization, so all day long live in the iron and steel castle inside of us, is also want to release the heart? breathe the air of nature?A pair of perfect sports shoes is key and comfortable, comfortable will reduce blisters and other skin problems happened. Sports shoes is according to the people taking part in sports or tourism characteristics of design and manufacture. Sports shoes shoe and ordinary leather shoes, rubber shoes different, generally are soft and elastic, can play a buffer action. With the spread of the Olympic spirit and sports also launched a fashion i will choose to endless prairie, so we choose to grassland, must go to beijing's backyard, inner mongolia grassland is keshenketengqi, heard that there are many of the scenic spot, can meet your various needs. why do you say that? because keshenketengqi here have a lot of entertainmentPre Order Jordan 5 Fire Red 2013 projects, and then from i just to keshenketengqi about it.
what's near g smoke, is really eyeful is blue sky and green grass. the galloping on the grassland inside, gently a breath and the smell of the grass incense, let me from the urban physical and mental anomaly feel relaxed, deep into a few bites grass incense, let me tired body and mind feel released. cool wind is blown head on, that kind of grassland bring pleasant aroma, give me infinite pleasure and comfortable. then i understood why broad freedom is the mongolian people unique, this kind of feelings is g what's unique room.Vans its high-end feeder Vans Vault produced in the United States the old enterprise Horween top Leather, creating aFire Red 5s so-called Horween Leather "Brushed Camo" Pack of super jing is colourful series shoes. three popularity of shoes series, not only have excellent material and body, even the shoelace this detail also chooses leather is made. In modelling design, three pairs of new products are highly artistic visual effect PoMo type camouflage element to parcel shoe body, khaki, blackish green, dark and dark colors interweave restore ancient ways imitate the old feeling, plus white cross stitching and classic white a sulfide bottoms, whether simple sense or design are selected, absolutely not a Vans Vault.Vans its high-end feeder Vans Vault produced in the United States the old enterprise Horween top Leather, creating a so-called Horweencheap bred 11s for sale Leather "Brushed Camo" Pack of super jing is colourful series shoes.
gradually the keshenketengqi grasslands, this time first came into sight is ger, the sunlight shine on it, and very beautiful. looking at nearby a horse horse horse, herdsmen stroked carve patterns or designs on woodwork, as if the saddle on the horse gallop on the vast grassland. not only so, pastoralists, colorful clothes, wearing stylish high help boots, a pair of fashionable mix the modern pastoralists style. after taste herdsmen home mongolian food, found that breed is very rich, dried meat, milk, cheese, koumiss... all delicious sweet all in your mouth.air jordan 5 retroThe cold winter, stomach, on the arm fat is more and more, quickly prepare a pair of Nike shoes now, comfortable and warm, in the tide of never decline movement classic ah´╝îsuddenly found that the edge is g assorted g who grassland commodities fair, the inside of the product is full of beautiful things in eyes, basically all the prairie characteristic products here, not only that there are cultural activities, grassland culture original performances, grassland culture food exchange, grassland micro travel awards. all of these can make you deep understanding keshenketengqi, there is no city appearance, no city color, no longer city. come, with free heart loudly sing their own songs! do your own king, do your own princess, don't need to focus on the world, i am the only protagonist in my life! flying heart! embrace Jordan 11 for salenature! let us to free mark - home!

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