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Jordan Bred 11S at low price on Merry Christmas Day

Dec 13th 2012 at 1:45 AM

In recent months, often in micro bo issued "crescent wishing day", many people follow a wish, then feedback: really good effective, why? In fact, the ancients for Ann bed, move, let the son, and man, opening ceremony, pray, let money and so on, they will do next. For good or ill luck is to move, move, it will burn the imprint of days, star, the star is poor, act, act block. And in no metaphysician help you choose, can use the crescentpre order jordan 11 day blessing, the day the sun and the moon together, also is our Chinese calendar of the first day, the moon for the sun power, and in the first round, and constantly between 15 and help we will honor the mind to slowly.

Just, crescent, wishing, generally choose the sun and the moon conjunction accurate after eight hours, time to pull more long, this kind suits make small wish, and best can focus on a particular crescent itself represents meaning to vow, if you can make the new moon on behalf of the development, progressive kind of desire, and libra crescent for hui and aesthetic, harmony, one-on-one relationship between desire. Another is the best can every month of the new moon on the vow, constantly strengthen the psychic force. Of course, wish doesn't mean can help you in this life there is no thing to you -- if you are not moving wedding shipmenpre order bred 11t, may not wish to marry; If you are not big sparetime university wealth structure, wishing can't bring you money. So we'd better according to actual condition, look at yourself in what respect also wants to achievement, to remind, to give yourself air-blowing, using days to give oneself increment good luck and then do the right effort, so in the future period of time, it is easier to see a little desire to achieve.
Night just to give a guest a choice for the son day class (be blessed the Lord choose time), very coincidence, on March just have a pretty good days, and the days in the next few months as difficult to find such a good - so, today very want to talk about a next issue, also is the last time we talk about moving intake ceremony of the extended out: why, what next next next, have the effect of how much utility.Baidu baike in next interpretation, saying is "chart a lucky mind", but to tell you the truth, absolutely is not a state of mind, but a very important behavior. Ancient Chinese emperor to travel, praying to the war, and even bath, all need to pick a good day, ji, act immediately! Good or ill luck is to move, do not move, natural not too big, but a so-called to ask and it shall be very vulnerable to climate and the influence of geographical -- like a baby was born out, so move, he launched a life, and formed its own life dish, then metaphysician pre order bred 11scan through this life disc to judge the BB GuanLu, money, marriage and so on, a lot of reason to get the classical theory of astrology life push shipping guests can realize, yi, how stargazer can calculate must accurate, especially what year touch what events, the discretion of the luck how. In fact that is "born" this time, to some fate, and we do the best, also can choose good days.

Choose an auspicious day to learn the truth is actually very simple, we live in on earth, living in a certain space time, every moment with all kinds of activities, and every moment around the sun, moon and stars around us are changing, all kinds of magnetic field, various environmental conditions are in change of our influence is also very obvious. In different time on conditions to do a thing, because time is different, there are naturally ji have fierce. And next to the method of classical stargazer, even through the start time, to calculate the matter of good bred 4sor bad should period (realize time).Choose an auspicious day looks is a very traditional Chinese habit, but in fact, China's astronomy has been developed is not good, and in the middle ages, the western classical astrological study person, has been through the observation of the star and planet calculation speed, Angle and phase, etc., to grasp the law of days. So, although once popular in the mainland to see TongSheng choose some and their Chinese zodiac triplet or liuhe day, but not always utility. In recent ten years, some Taiwan stargazer begin to master arc Angle method, with some next star feng shui adjustment, utility is very good, don't ask me why I make geomantic also understand astrology, the qing dynasty first a geography teacher, it is to see the forum of the next, not see this TongSheng or use "triad" way.

.The old calendar, LaoHuangLi also tend to write up various next information, this can not credible? Seriously, do provide this information, which is well-known metaphysicpre order cool grey 9s home? The full use next taught in Taiwan, and should always be tens of nt $200000, and a be called great day class, very demanding requirement, can choose time also not is what an hour inside and so on, but there are relatively accurate start time, consider to the latitude and longitude of the act, the community become attached to cost at least two thousand yuan, and a good day at most is also a few, which can at any time there are a bunch of day good hour? And the character analysis with 12 zodiac signs, more is a kind of public communication class knowledge, can see, but it really is not subtle. Of course, sophisticated knowledge I also can't all said, did not simply might thousands of words to say out and let everyone can understand, but there are a few points to be worth attention to:
1. Don't choose the day of eclipses. Eclipse of the sun and the moon in ancient times are considered unlucky day, this day energy was too large and complicated, difficult is auspicious, should not be used to get married or move.
2. Try to choose the moon day of honor. 4 before the moon luminosity is too weak, generally have little choice, and 5 to 13 this time, the moon constantly add lustre to, is good Bred 11s 2012omen.
3. Don't worry about some metaphysician give you choose opening time is in the evening, sometimes good time does not necessarily appear at 9 o 'clock in the morning, 10 points, U.S. President Ronald Reagan in California lengthening the inauguration ceremony, choose of but February 6, 1911 2 o 'clock in the morning.
4. Know a little astrological knowledge, you can pay attention to the, the sun and the moon had better not hedge or is 90 degrees, the best is sixty or 120 degrees. And if the next is to get married, at least not in Venus retrograde or Mars, Saturn square grams of state.
The teacher, the more you know, the next important, isn't it do all the things need to be next? The fall in don't have to like this. General need to choose an auspicious day things, generally in practice, get married, have children, an important man, great investment, moving, Ann bed for the son, and get on board, etc. However, a top star Taiwan next teacher had a secret: if there are good astrology and climate, and pray, can promote the official transport, money, he in two or three years with this method, the income turned over several "- believe it or not, that you, but if you see stargazer, said recently that astrology is great, very suitable for you this constellation development of the cause, remember also do some blessing wishing matters.

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