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Dec 3rd 2012 at 1:27 AM

Every time I hear to Wu La blind lean, Lu Ansheng will be watching me smile spoiled, I think Lu Ansheng is my opening the " shoes " to hit a fool, or followed by backing him so spoil my bad temper. School, I told Wu La happy to walk in the university campus, Cheap Jordans I walked with her oath like speak with justice, out of my parents' claws, I must talk about a vast ancient Shuo this love! Then, I started jumping up and down, very alert to be observant and alert search for beauty, is then heard behind exclaimed, thief! Catch the thief! I turned to see a girl was in tears after a hooded man ran, listen to the girl accent is not local, a school was so bad, I was sympathetic. I feel ready to do boldly what is righteous, to meet the man, ready to start a fight.

I am angry! Regardless of side pull off feet begin Wu, together with the girls ran after the thief, but ran two steps I found, first day of school in order to beautiful thing, Jordan 9 Motorboat Jones For Sale I just walk on heels to report! So now I 'm deep one shallow foot ran particularly painful, I get desperation at the thief and I think more and more, High heels landing sound a sound stuffy humph ring at the same time, I hate into the sewers! Because the domineering exposed me too hard, or students at shoes was over the thief, just pointing excitedly to the thief forced the red white shirt boys shouting, thief! Catch the thief! Because Lu Ansheng handsome like comics out of junior, and most importantly, I was able to catch a thief this thing does not hope, because of his thin body and that is Zhang Junxiu's face for people to think that he is a weak and pale beauty of youth, Jordan 11S For Sale but unexpectedly is, the thief after him, he has a leg, a coherent overarm throw, direct took the thief! Not only handsome! Have guts! I go through untold hardships, looking for the best man does not travel over land and water right in front of you! I covered the plop plop bounce baby eyes, hearts, limping rushed to talk to her, classmates, just really feel shy. You have what thing? Rest assured, I will send you to the hospital, I must be responsible in the end!

Then came the stolen thing the girls to Wu La saw me " feat", seems a bit frightened, but also tried to persuade Lu to go to the hospital shooting. In particular, Lala, Jordan Cool Grey 11 Sale unkind to me, dude, you don't see it you this girl had a long a pair of no strength for binding a chicken appearance, she tied a wolf is more than sufficient. So you must go to the hospital. She said to look back at my thief laugh, I quietly pulled down the corners of the mouth. In this way, the first day of school, Lu the three of us to flicker, directly I turned into the city hospital. Of course, Jordan Retro 9 Cool Grey except me and Wu La another attempt, the owner is absolutely true concern for his safety.

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