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Join and Get Your Share of 2.25 Million Credits Credits!

Dec 17th 2011 at 12:25 AM


Hi IMfaceplate Friends,

I just posted this in Ken Wolff's Blog:

Join and Get Your Share of 2.25 Million Credits Credits!

I Thank you so much for your participation in this blog and for those of you who have joined Click Voyager. This has been the fastest growing program that I have ever participated in. The Growth gives new meaning to the term exponential. I have become a credit mufti-millionaire in less than a year and you can too. Now, I have to be fair and say that I do not think I could have done it as a free member. I took advantage of the OTO (One Time Offer). I pay less than the cost of a couple Starbuck Coffees each month. That is half the cost of upgrading if you join later on. I will say that even as a free member you are probably going to receive more credits here than you will in any other traffic exchange, you just have to be willing to surf twice as much and receive about half the level of rewards as an upgraded member.

I could go on and on about the benefits of this exchange but let me be brief. If you clicked on the text link above it will take you to a splash-page that explains a lot of the benefits. I will tell you that it is even better than what you learn from that page. Let me explain just a little bit.

You can communicate and work with your downline and I do that on a regular basis. You can reward your downline for their participation by transferring credits to them and I do that also. As a demonstration of that I am going to transfer 1000 credits to you as soon as you join. If you join and take advantage of the OTO I will transfer 10,000 credits to you. That is up from what I offered earlier this year.

Here is the Referral Stats For baldyken:
Referral Count Credits Earned
Level 1 20 487887.2
Level 2 73 140466.4
Level 3 45 7516
Level 4 6 5195.6
Level 5 6 141.2
Total 150 641206.4

NOTE: You will only be credited with referrals AFTER they have signed up, verified their email address and earned 200 credits. This helps to maintain the integrity of our exchange.

There are fun games which make surfing fun and if you are in the top 200 surfers you share in jackpot of tens of thousands of credits. I surf every day but the best day is Monday when you get 50% more credits and are awarded from one to ten thousand credits if you are in the top 5 surfers. If you receive one of these awards and you send me a support ticket I will match the reward in credits!

You can also go on a voyage and earn up to 5000 Hits for just 88 Clicks. Warning! This is fun to try but I honestly found it to be counter productive. I would get up to about the 4th or 5th voyage and get in a ship wreck and lose it all. I don’t know anybody that has made it all the way but go for it if you have the nerve.

Bottom Line! This is fun and rewarding. If I can do this anybody can. You can become a credit mufti-millianaire in less than a year and I will help you do it.

Ken R Wolff
Internet Marketing Consultant


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Dec 17th 2011 at 11:06 AM by IMHOMEBIZCOACH
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