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Job Security or Financial Freedom - Which do You Choose?

Aug 11th 2013 at 10:09 AM


What Will You Do About Your Financial Future?

It’s Your Choice

What Will You Choose?

In his book Cashflow Quadrant Robert T. Kiyosaki made this true statement.

“The primary reason many people seek job security is because that is what they are taught to seek, at home and at school.”

He also stated that people continue to follow that advice because they have been conditioned from their earliest days to think about job security, rather than financial freedom.

The reason they think like that is because as Robert also stated “most of us learn little to nothing about money at home or at school”.  So therefore this is why many people cling to the idea of job security instead of reaching for freedom.

Big Business Has Changed

The Industrial Age Is Over

The industrial age is over, if you haven’t noticed and big business has drastically changed. The information age has arrived, it progressively took over with the ushering in of new and improved technology.

What does this mean for the financial future of many in the job market?

Well because of the huge shift that has taken place in business, there has also been a shift in how money is being made.

The Information Age Is Profitable

Being informed makes a huge difference in struggling in a lack of or creating wealth and having abundance.

Because of the information age there has been a great shift in the transfer of wealth.

Wealth is being transferred into the hands of those who years ago would not be wealthy because of information that did not exist at that time.

But today, in this vast Information age that exist, it has created many opportunities for those that are open to change and to those that seek financial freedom, time freedom and personal freedom and to be in control of the way they make money and the level of money they are free to make.

The industrial age has long been over.  The days of industrial factory labor work is a thing of the past.

Many of those 1960 and 70’s industrial companies have closed and those laborer positions have been long phased out and no longer needed.

Business manufacture markets have vastly changed and have adopted the new technology and modern convenience of information and computerized machinery.

Information is now in demand and is highly valuable in today’s ever changing fast-paced business markets.

Hope For The Financial Future of Working Class People

Is there really a bright financial future for the working class folks who seek job security?

Is there hope that working class people will get financially rewarded for all their years of hard work and service to the companies that they put in days and hours of work performing job duties?

Will they be able to look forward to their retirement with relief that after years of laborious work, long hours toiling for company for years that they will finally be able to relax and have enough money to live on to enjoy their lives without worring financially about their living need?

Will they have abundance for the rest of their days to live care free?

No...Not likely!


Most working class people retire broke on a fixed income with little income to survive on.


because a job is not designed to give you financial security nor make its employees wealthy.  A  job is designed to give you a paycheck.

Reality…… it is your job to create financial security and wealth for yourself,

“and that job begins the moment you receive your paycheck.” (CashFlow Quadrant) Robert T. Kiyosaki.

“The only difference between a rich and a poor person is what they do in their spare time.” (CashFlow Quadrant) Robert T. Kiyosaki

“What you do after work with your paycheck and your spare time will determine your future.” (CashFlow Quadrant) Robert T. Kiyosaki

If you work a job, it's time to face the real facts.... No Job last forever and you will eventually reach old age. So you must think seriously now to prepare for yourself a secure financial future.

But How can you do that? Some folks may be wondering.

A Change in How Income is Made

With the transition in business and how information is being used it has opened up many new opportunities to generate income in a more convenient way for the majority of people that work 9 to 5 jobs.

In view of the drastic shift in the business and job market world many people have come to see from experience that working for companies till retirement is almost unrealistically unattainable and mostly a financial risk for them.

Therefore many are now turning to alternative ways to change the way they earn income from that of relying on the corporate structure job market to taking matters into their control and seeking work from home.

Because of such needs the work from home industry has become a growing trend and a source of much satisfaction for those who have made the transition from traditional job market to the work from home industry.

After much research and investigating various work from home options more and more people are deciding to leave the traditional corporate work place and work from home because they have more financial control and time freedom.

If you have serious concerns about the future of your job or financial retirement.

Perhaps you should consider other alternative solutions that exist. All it takes is a little open mindedness and willingness to do a little research.

Information today is abundant. And every living person today has some kind of financial concerns.

Take control and don’t be conditioned to believe that you have no control over your own financial freedom.

Anyone can be free and have financial security Only if they do something about it now and take Action.

Every living person deserves to enjoy life to their satisfaction and have abundance.

It's Never too late.

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