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3 years ago

Javita Weight Loss Coffee & Tea My Story!

Sep 5th 2014 at 7:19 PM



Hello Coffee and Tea Lovers Worldwide, This is my Javita Coffee Story and Why I Chose Javita.

When I first heard about Javita Coffee Company back in the early part of 2011 by a friend in USA he really encouraged me to join at the top business builder pack I thought good and hard about this opportunity and the investment.

At the time I was living and working in my own 3 self-starter businesses in Lucena City Philippines, Javita offered many great benefits and the first being a brand new company and debt free from the start since its sister company was already well established and well-funded.

I thought it will be great because I would be one of the pioneers of Javita Coffee Philippines as it would grow rapidly worldwide so I did it, I joined and received the shipment after the company opened its doors around June 2011. I received my 40 plus boxes of Mind+Energy Coffee with all the trimmings for marketing.

Anyone that knows me knows I jump in and off and running at full speed ahead making large tarpaulins signs to hang in front of my sari sari store and set up displays in my EverBalina Business Center store made calling cards, made hand out flyers, hired someone to pass out the flyers in center district of Lucena City. I was drinking the product every day along with my wife and her friends and family.

I had a great idea to advertise on the local Radio Station Love Radio Lucena 6 spots a day for 30 days each ad so 3 ad spots for the product, 2 spots for the direct selling opportunity in no time started getting calls and text messages Number One question Yep you guessed it "How Much Does It Cost By Box, And by Packet"? As soon as I said the price they did not want to hear any more like the benefits of losing weight or the added energy and more clarity in thinking only 3 out of 10 plus benifits. Now looking back I should have first pointed out the benefits before any mention of price.

I figured I am not reaching the real customers that would appreciate this great product after 6 weeks and many free samples had been handed out but no takers both of buying the product or the opportunity.

I actually started getting disappointed about my new venture then I received a phone call from a SM relations manager for the Super Mall Lucena City Philippines and said they heard and read my advertisements and offered me to take advantage of a Java Expo in the main floor of the Mall for the weekend to get more exposure.

Why not and of course for a fee so I agreed thinking maybe I will reach the customers willing to appreciate Javita Coffee Product. I thought to myself they are spending money on other less valued things with fewer benefits.

I paid for another month of advertising on the radio and was ready for my display set up in the mall. Got my 6 square meter spot among 3 other venders displaying their coffee or Java related products my display was simple in comparison, mine consisted of nice high round table with matching high bar stools and other smaller tables displaying the product and my large signage spelling out all the benefits of drinking Javita Coffee Products Hot or Cold with my free samples of hot and cold in small paper cups.

Sorry to say the same affect the people that tasted it really liked it and was willing to give me some of their info for me to email them of updates ect. But the overall response was that? $ After that they went walking for the exit doors. They did not to hear a word more.

In the months to follow no more inquires and I came to the conclusion the Philippines was not ready for this great new gourmet instant coffee product so I ended up drinking the remaining 940 plus cups of coffee for the next 1-1/2 years I still advertised the products on my website and other classified sites hoping to make sales and try to get my ROI but no such blessing came my way.

So from 2011 to 2013 I heard nothing about Javita until Dec 2013 I started seeing many postings on Facebook and many pages of new dealers signing up for Javita Products.

Very strange almost 3 years later and now the people are waking up to Javita here in the Philippines So I renewed my membership and now here I am back to marketing Javita Coffee and Tea Products.

I can truly say from all honesty that the product does everything that it claims to do I lost weight and had more energy and my brain cells seemed to be firing on all 12 cylinders if there are cylinders up there.

I could tell that it was a very great product from the first cup I drank back in 2011.

So if anyone is thinking of a sure fire way to lose weight the all-natural way, Why Javita Coffee Company?.

In the same if you are is looking to change your coffee and earn a full time income or part time income Javita’s door is open wide and it’s still in its infancy.

I believe Javita will become a Multi Billon Dollar Company a name larger than other Coffee Giants that currently dominate the Coffee and Tea World.

Thanks for reading my Javita Story I hope and pray I will have another more cheerful and profitable story to share as I peruse my Javita Venture until then God Bless and In all things Be Safe and Be Thankful

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Think about giving Javita Coffee or Tea Products a Try.



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