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Its Called A Mistake Nobody Died

Feb 25th 2011 at 9:38 AM

Mistakes in this game are a fact of life, so get used to it, dust yourself off and get right back up on that horse. There is absolutely nothing easy about Marketing your business and you probably already know that by now, sometimes you have to take risks, sometimes they pay off and sometimes they don't. If you stay in the game long enough you'll find that the mistakes you make could quite possibly make you the success you'll become if you stick it out. Don't feel bad about your mistakes, we all make them, all you have to do is admit them and learn from them. Mistakes are a fact of life for people like us because we push the envelope, we know that there's no use in trying to avoid mistakes and the key is to spot the mistake early on and not run and hide from it but to respond to it head on.

 One thing I've learned in Marketing is to be able to respond quickly when one of my Marketing tactics isn't working, I keep my ego and pride in check so I don't get complacent and not see a disaster coming around the corner. I keep things simple, I simply repeat what works, what doesn't seem to be working I adjust, test and test again until I see the results I expect. I also never run out and celebrate at the first sign of success because that lets your guard down,Once you've been around a minute you'll find that you've learned more from your mistakes than from your successes. When I'm forced to ask myself what the heck went wrong is when I'm at my most alert,

 I also like to talk about what businesses and prospects need and the benefits they offer than other trivial things. Lastly, never forget that denial is not a river in Egypt, the first step is being able to admit your mistakes. I take a radical approach to my mistakes and have no problem asking the customer if I can make my product and services better. I'm from the street and have a powerful belief in my gut feelings, listening to my gut feelings and going with it has saved my life on several occasions, so I totally respect my gut. Remember, your gut feelings will be right more times than its wrong and you may just make it in this cutthroat business we've chosen for ourselves.

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