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Its A Jungle Out There

Jun 21st 2011 at 12:07 PM

It is a beautiful clear rocky mountain morning today. I love looking at the flowers and smelling the smell of them inter mingled with the freshly cut grass. I walk about two blocks every morning to get the our bike/walking path along the canal that runs behind our home. When Marley (my min pin dog) and I get to the path he loves to romp in the grasses that run along that path. He only stands about a foot tall so those grasses must seem like a jungle to him and he finds them oh so much fun to play in.

This reminds me of the jungle that I work in. To me the internet is a jungle. Their are many predators among us as we work and carve out a living on it. Some are harmless enough. With just a small amount of experience you recognize them and you stay away. Some come disguised a little more hard to spot but still you can see them if your watching and you use some measure of caution. Others though are well hidden and you must always be alert for them. Some snakes like to disguise themselves as something not harmless but if your bite by one, well you soon find they are not. In fact they may very well take your hopes and dreams as well as your lifes blood with a single bite.

I have lived a very long time. I have worked on the internet for several years now over 6 in fact. My first attempt was over 6 years ago on the internet with a home based business. Back then I knew very little and was eaten up like a small bug very quickly. I have spent the years since learning and teaching myself as much as possible. I know much more now than I knew then but still most of the time feel like a beginner simply because there is so very much to know.

The one thing that is the hardest to know is the very one anyone who lives to be my age knows the most about. Human nature, human nature has been something I have learned about since I was an infant. I even know somewhat more than some because of the course's I took when going to nursing school. That being said it never ever prepares you enough. If your business depends on others well it can be a very bumpy road sometimes. So always be prepared when people let you down. Never ever place yourself in a position where you can not go on without somebody. My grandma always said never put all your eggs in one basket. That is good advice.

So in conclusion watch out for the wolf in sheeps clothing and learn as much as you can about doing business on the internet. It is a jungle but it is one that like my dog Marley I love playing in. I am well prepared for the occasional bump in the road. It will happen. People being people well they will let you down from time to time. It is all a part of doing business. Some will be big enough to move forward and except things for what they are others will run. It is life. Business is always difficult and the human factor is always the biggest one that can fold you like a house of cards or make you a stronger and better for having lived through it. Always remember it is your business first. You may need others but first and for most it is your business to maintain.

Have a beautiful day. I know I will as I look out at the beautiful rocky mountains on a clear cloudless day. Moving forward with life is something I have experience with. I will leave the chaos to others but beware all it is a jungle out there.

Cindy Slick

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