it relatively a cool place, a dark place.

Sep 19th 2015 at 1:26 AM

it relatively a cool place, a dark place.  You're going thereto sleep, so sleep.  And don't be distracted by other things.  Put your phone somewhereelse. >>female #30: Yeah, phones, digital devices, blinking devices, your Blackberry. >>Dr.  Atul Sharma: Yeah, that can't be there. >>female #30: Don't use your computer a few hours before bed so you can change your brainwaves back to kind of human neutral. >>Dr.  Atul Sharma: Right.  Don't do it while  Hair Vitality you're in bed trying to go to sleep.  You won'tsleep. >>female r #31: [inaudible] have periods of time where they don't sleep well, right, andthen you go back to old sleep habits, that has no long-term you know effect on you oris it once you sleep again then you're good?>>Dr.  Atul Sharma: No, no.  Usually if you don't sleep well it's usually from some sortof outside stressor.  And the key is to resolve the outside stressor and then your sleep patternswere usually were turned back to what they were.  And that doesn't have long-term effects. Other questions.  [cell phone rings]>>female #32: I think we are really [inaudible] about your [inaudible] Thank you for comingin and talking to us.  It's common sense and,.

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