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I am a sales and marketing professional with over 40 years experience. I've frequently been recognized for superior sales numbers, outstanding customer service and innovative problem solving. Eight years ago, I went back to school and got a degree in Computer Graphic Design greatly expanding my marketing skillset. I've owned and operated several businesses and partnered in several others. Entrepreneurship has always been my passion. I am a self-starter with dedication to purpose, with a willingness to take on enormous responsibility, and a burning desire to succeed to be an entrepreneur. I live to help other people realize their dreams through entrepreneur-ism (if that's a word). I want to connect and build relationships with other networkers to better learn this method of marketing so that I can pass this on to other people who need my help. Please feel free to offer your friendship and advice. I'm open to receiving them.
James | jamesmedley
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It Only Took Me 7 Months and About $2000 to Get Started

Feb 1st 2011 at 6:23 AM

That’s right. I got started getting started 7 months ago. I was an old school marketer with over 40 years experience when I got laid off a year ago. After sending out a few hundred resumes with very few responses, I decided to take a different route to providing for my family. I decided to join an MLM.

I’d been in a few MLMs over the years, never with much success. They all seemed to have so much potential. Each time I joined one, I contacted everyone I knew and tried to recruit them. Most of them ridiculed me for getting involved in one of those “pyramid schemes”. I managed to get a few to join, but none of them stayed very long. Eventually I was chasing down people at the mall and the local DMV. But I believed I could somehow make this work. If I just kept passing out my cards at the grocery store and begging everyone I met to just “take a look” sooner or later I’d find that one super recruit who’d bring in 10 people a month and lift me to financial freedom! Obviously, it never happened. Finally I gave up and vowed to never again waste my time with an MLM.

But now several years later, my reality is that I can’t find a job in this rotten economy, so what other choice do I have? Besides, we have the Internet now. There are millions of others in the same boat as me, looking for a way to at least get back to where they were. How hard could it be to bring them into my business?

Well after months of joining social and business websites, trying to build my own websites and blog-sites, buying leads, auto-responders, and guaranteed systems and lead getters, I’d have to say, “It’s ridiculously hard!”. But despite my many frustrations, I can’t give up. I HAVE to make this work. There has got to be a better way.

As it turns out, there is a better way! And I’ve had it all along. But I had so many other things going on, I never really took advantage of the incredible amount of available tools and training this system already has built-in. The name of this system is My Lead System Pro (MSLP). MLSP has everything I need to succeed. Leveraged properly, it’ll help me to automate a process that will generate leads, follow-up, offer a wide variety of affiliate products and sign new members into both MLSP and my primary business

I’ve also connected with Multi-Million Dollar earning Mentors who made their fortunes through MLSP, and are now leading weekly Mastermind Training webinars for any MSLP member who wants it. FOR FREE! In fact we just started an intense 100-day challenge designed to help us help each other build thriving MLSP teams, generate thousands in income, and sign several new members into our primary businesses.

So, after spending a couple of thousand dollars and months in frustration, I’m finally getting started. You can too!

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