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Fellow Networker,

As a self-employed small business owner, entrepreneur and now a full-time network marketer / M*L*M-er for you newbie’s; I must admit that the single most important element to my successes or even failures forward (if-you-will) are the acts of flat-out learning.

Sometimes the learning has taken place very rapidly and other periods over time, but the only reason I have and others have success is because they actually took the time to learn and then implement what was learned in a “Never Compromise Win-or-Lose Mindset” and moved forward with their results.

To YOUR Big MLM Success,

Trent Galloway
Gardnerville, Nevada USA
Trent Galloway | bigMLM
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Is Your MLM Down-Line Stagnant

Sep 12th 2010 at 8:30 AM

Ah… Houston we have a problem…

Is your down-line is stagnant, declining and the attrition rate is climbing… you have a serious problem. Is all the hard work, time and effort, money and brain cells loss going down the drain?

Is it the Fault Of:

  • Your primary company / the owners and management team?
  • The compensation plan / has it changed recently?
  • Your upline leadership?
  • No systems in place / lack of duplication

This may have prompted some genuine thoughts but, you need to dig a little deeper on this debacle, as this is a serious problem that could and will wipe-out your whole network marketing / MLM career in one fell swoop.

So this is what I challenge you to do – right now! Get out a blank piece of paper and write WHY at the top and then ask yourself why? Write down the answers. Then – ask why again and go deeper. Write down the answers. Then one(1) more time ask yourself why. Make this slap you right in the face… really hard, like it makes you want to cry! Write down the answers.

Okay, you now know exactly why the ship has (potentially) sailed. You should have gotten down to brass tacks with your situation and more importantly with yourself and where you fit into the scope of your final WHY answer.

What to do next? Well, is it honestly worth saving? Is it worth beating-a-dead-horse over… to get what in return exactly??? What are your other options? Who is going to help you get to where you want to be in such and such time frame? Only you can answer these daunting questions and I hope you knew the answer(s) right away.

So get up, dust yourself off and get busy. You have built it once, so you can do it again, but this time… make it the last time for your and your family’s future.

Trent Galloway is a professional Network Marketer / MLMer that has been very successful in the industry by helping his down-line succeed in record time by teaching and plugging the willing into proven systematic internet marketing strategies that do the bulk of the work for them… all of the time 24/7/365. For complete information visit: yesterday!

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Sep 15th 2013 at 3:36 AM by mrpthai
Thank Trent Galloway
Sep 12th 2010 at 9:56 AM by zzoltan
Excellent article,very helpful

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