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Is Your Marketing Getting Results?

Mar 26th 2011 at 10:02 AM

This post is about something I've been going through lately and I'm sure some of you have either gone through it or are going through it now. What I'm talking about is working smart and still not seeing the results you think you should be seeing and feeling stuck, people in the industry don't like to say it but this can send you into a mini depression if you don't get a handle on it. Come to find out, all I had to do was to figure out what I WASN'T doing to remedy this. I was getting lazy and resting on the techniques I've been using that always worked in the past while leaving out some important ingredients that I should have been incorporating in my Marketing scheme. Below is what I intend to do to get back up on my Horse.

 1. Craigslist: I almost forgot about Craigslist and how powerful it will always be in marketing and to Google. You can still reach a lot of people looking for your services and products there if you do it right.

 2. Camtasia: I plan to re-download Camtasia, its free and simple to use. I'm not too sporty about appearing on cam, call it camera shyness or whatever but thats fine because with Camtasia you can take a screen shot of the pages on your site and just use your voice and do a kind of Powerpoint presentation and upload it into YouTube.

 3. Squidoo: Another powerful SEO tool that the Google Spiders love, but you have to take your time and do it right. Create a good lens and take it from there and update it regularly.

 4. Hubspot: This is a powerful site that will give you some serious SEO link love, in my early days I always had a problem with Hubspot and my post kept being rejected because I was stealing and wasn't coming up with original content. Just being honest.

5. Articles: I've been lazy with my articles but I do know the importance of good fresh content and Google will reward you well in the index and rankings if your stuff is good.

6. Press Releases: Another SEO technique I was laying down on that I have to re-visit.

 7. Digg: Contrary to popular belief, Digg is not dead and will always be in the forefront of powerful SEO tools that we all should have in our online Marketing arsenal.

8. Offline Marketing: Although this technique is distasteful to a lot of people it will never go out of style and is needed if you ever intend on having a well balanced Marketing scheme. You're going to have to at some point get out there where the physical businesses are and get belly to belly with the business owners. While you will always need an online presence you can never discount the power of face to face Marketing.

 As always, if you're a complete newbie and are on the fence about what business to join and want a low risk, affordable Home Business, feel free to stop by my site and take a look around. Watch the short video and fill out the short opt-in form to your right and I promise not to spam the living daylights out of you. Spam is my pet peeve and I sure won't subject anyone else to that nonsense.

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