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Is Online Success eluding you? It Might Be a Lack of Benefits

Mar 26th 2014 at 5:48 PM

Are you having trouble making online sales? If you answered “yes” don’t feel lonely, because many people are experiencing the same thing. To get to the bottom of it you need to look at the basics.

The most basic thing is this: Do you have your own squeeze page? “What difference does that make?” you may ask. “The affiliate page looks great, so that’s where I’m sending all the traffic.” It’s true, affiliate pages normally look great, but they usually don’t produce great results if you send prospects directly to them.

You can easily remedy that problem by creating a squeeze or landing page. Then you send your prospects to that page initially. You provide on that page a way for your prospects to click through to the sales page.

But let’s say that you do have a squeeze page in place and aren’t getting good results. The problem might be a lack of benefits. When prospects land on your page they’re interested in one thing and one thing only: “What’s in it for me?”

Your page must quickly answer that question with irresistible benefits.


  • Prospects want solutions to their problems and needs
  • Fail to deliver benefits and online profits will be elusive
  • Irresistible benefits will keep prospects on your site
  • Resulting sales will transform prospects into customers

Your prospects aren’t going to get the credit card out for just anything. You have to get their attention quickly and hold it. The benefits you present must outweigh the cost.

At times a list of benefits will sell a product all by itself. That’s why your squeeze and sales pages must be loaded with benefits.

How do your pages measure up? Examine them and make adjustments if necessary. Let’s next examine how to create a list of benefits.

How to Create a List of Benefits

In order to create a list of benefits you have to know the product. Think about what you love about the product and write it down. Also, see things from your prospect’s point of view. People are looking for solutions. Think about what your prospects want and need.

Will the product help them to:

· Save time?

· Save money?

· Make money?

Your prospects are seeking solutions to their problems and you’re in a position to help them. So you have to come up with hard-to-resist benefits on your squeeze and sales pages.

It’s good to come up with anywhere from 20 – 25 benefits. You’ll only use three to five of the best ones for a squeeze page. But you may need more than 25 for a sales page. Anyway, come up with as many benefits as you can.

Now it’s Show Time!

It’s now time to give your benefits an audience. As mentioned, you’ll choose the best three to five for a squeeze page, and all of them for a sales page.

People buy things based on emotion and they defend their purchases with logic. So your benefits must appeal to the emotions of your prospects.

Here’s what a benefits list might look like on a sales page:

· No more waking up to an alarm clock each day

· The 9 to 5 routine is a thing of the past

· The two-hour commute is history

· Go to the golf course any time you want

· Go hiking or sailing at will

· Dine in the finest restaurants

· Take lavish vacations

There’s a lifestyle that few people would turn down. Prospects who are looking for that kind of lifestyle will read your entire sales page. Then, they’ll hit the pay button!

On a squeeze page you’ll handle benefit lists in a similar way. However, you’ll want to limit the amount of benefits. It’s best to use the top three to five on your page.

Your list of benefits has power, so present it in an appealing way.

Don’t minimize the power of a benefits list. It can sometimes sell a product on its own.

Don’t Forget About Bonuses

Your online offer should include bonuses because it’ll greatly increase the perceived value of the product. The majority of offers these days include hefty bonuses. You can do the same by offering bonuses of real value.

Here are some suggestions:

· Sell an online membership and give away another one

· Sell a software package and give away several more

· Sell an online course and offer a membership at a reduced price

One thing to remember is that often people will buy your main product just to get one of the bonus products. When you offer quality bonuses that can be the case.

Another practice these days is to add up the value of the bonus items. You’ll see things like this: “These bonuses alone are worth $4,700, but you get them free with your membership purchase.” What a draw! Offers similar to that will turn your prospects into customers.

You may be thinking: “That works well with sales pages, but what about a landing page?” Yes, setting up a bonus on a landing page is different. It’s really a giveaway that you’re offering. On a landing page you offer something of value for an action. The action is usually to join your list.

Prospects will only give you their email address if you provide something of substantial value. That means you can’t simply give away junk. You know the type of “free” products that fit that category. You don’t like junk, so don’t give it away to someone else. You certainly don’t want to damage your reputation.

Here are some giveaway ideas:

· Report or EBook

· Ecourse

· Video series

· Webinar or Podcast

There you have some ideas. Again, make sure that the free gift is of high value. When it is, people will join your list and be more inclined to act on your recommendations.

Online Profits Will Abound

When you present irresistible benefits to your prospects, they’ll take notice and act on your offers. So when you offer a product, put on your thinking cap and come up with as many benefits as you can.


You’ll want to create a list of benefits for every product you offer. Next, get your sales or squeeze page set up online and give it maximum exposure. When you market products this way your online profits will abound.

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