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Is iWowWe a SCAM!!

Aug 10th 2011 at 10:35 AM


Is iWowWe a SCAM, the answer is  NO.


In fact it has become my favorite online affiliate program to date.


Why Do I Like It?


They have one of the greatest Matrix's I have ever seen, it is a 3x7 Straight Line Matrix, and even though it has only been out since May 1st, 2011. iWowWe has had over 20,000 new affiliates signed up and they expect over 2 million new Matrix affiliates before the end of the year.  Plus iWowWe is planning on adding all of these new affiliates to the existing Matrix. Meaning that it will help fill the Matrix's of all the people who are already or becoming iWowWe affiliates.


They are also a large company with great financial backing. Plus they have a high standing in the business world (winning many business awards). There customer base includes companies like Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, MaryK, and IBM. So you know that they have the money to pay their bills (including Matrix commissions) and the ability to do a lot of public advertising.


Its Matrix affiliate program is not like other programs-- here one day, gone the next, or have any cyclers that never cycle, or have sponsoring requirements in order to get paid or require you to purchase useless products that you don't want or need or have to click on ads for money and never getting paid or charging you for marketing systems that do not work.

In other words they do not make up Lies, Hype, Promises that are never fulfilled.



Whats In It For YOU?


For starters how about $4,925.66 per month, without ever sponsoring anybody, as your Matrix fills. You receive 10% commissions on your first and second Matrix levels, 3% commissions on your third, fourth, fifth, and six Matrix levels, and 10% commissions again on your seventh Matrix level members commissions. With the way the Matrix works, you will get a "waterfall effect" that will auto. fill both your and your downline members Matrix's. These can come from any new iWowWe affiliate sign ups, any new affiliates signed up by your Matrix upline, by affiliates that you sign up, and of course from the affiliates that you downline sign up.


Example -- Lets said that iWowWe has a new orphan affiliate sign up. Since the Matrix is a Straight Line Matrix this person will go into the first open position on the matrix. Now if this position happens to be in my sponsors Matrix line, it will also fill the first open position in her matrix, and if this position in her matrix happens to be in my Matrix line, it will also fill the first open position in my matrix, and this open position, in my Matrix, will be always be under someone in my matrix, and if that someone in my matrix has anybody in his matrix, then it will fall under that person also.  In other words this one new member, added to the Matrix, could add one additional member to my sponsors matrix, one additional member to my Matrix, one additional member to someone in my Matrix downline, and one additional member to that persons Matrix downline. Meaning that it is possible that one new Matrix affiliate could be added to seven (remember it is a 3X7 matrix) different affiliates matrix's. How COOL is that.


In addition if you sign up three people yourself, into your Matrix, you will also receive a 25% matching bonus on all your Matrix members commissions, sponsor five and its becomes a 50% matching bonus, sponsor eight and its then becomes a 75% matching bonus, and sponsor ten or more personal sponsor members and its now is a 100% matching bonus on all of your Matrix members (wither they were sponsored by you or not).  What does this mean for you? How about increasing your monthly Matrix commissions from $4,925.66 to over $50,000 or more, each month, as your Matrix fills.


You also get a one time Fast Start Bonus of $25 for each new Matrix affiliate you sign up. Sign up 2 people to your matrix and you get $50 (2 x $25), sign up 12 and get $325 (12x 425) in bonuses, with no limit on the number of personal affiliates you can sign up.


Plus if you are an Matrix affiliate you can make an additional 25% from anybody who you referred to the iWowWe free video email system, if they purchase any iWowWe  product. This means you can also earn commissions from the people that just signed up for the free video email and did not become Matrix affiliates.


How Am I Doing In the iWowWe Matrix?


I have been a member of the iWowWe for approx. two months. I joined when the iWowWe Matrix was still in pre-launch. I have spent only $39.90  ($19.95 X 2) and have already received $160.10 in commissions, plus an additional $100 in Fast Start Bonuses ($260.10 total). I have 22 members in my Matrix already, down to level 3, but I have only signed up 8 Matrix affiliates (giving me the 75% matching bonus). This means that the other 14 members of my Matrix downline came from the "waterfall effect",  either my upline or from my downline members.


My wife signed up under me approx. one month ago and currently has 8 members in her Matrix downline, and she has not sponsored any affiliates. All 8 of these members were added to her Matrix by "waterfall effect" from both my upline and me. She has spent $19.95 so far and has received $15.60 in commissions.


I expect she will be making $28 plus and I will be making $60 plus, next month, at this Matrix auto. fill rate. And this monthly commission amount will continue to grow larger and larger each month as more and more people join the Matrix.


Also by using my iWowWe sign up link you will also be auto. signed up to the GVG group. By being a member of GVG, you will also have GVG advertising your Matrix link, for you. Getting you personally sponsored affiliates in your Matrix.


This means you will now have 5 groups filling your Matrix for you:

You, Your Sponsors Above You, Everybody Below You, GVG, and iWowWe.


If you want more detailed iWowWe affiliate information, before you commit, you can go to the iWowWe blog at -


If you like what you see and/or hear first get your FREE video email system at my link....

and then join the iWowWe Pro Affiliate program, to get your spot in the Matrix.


Please call or email me if you have any questions.

Philip Reitcheck


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