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Is Everything REALLY 100% Fair?

Jun 9th 2011 at 2:16 PM

Well according to the Universe, that would be a YES!   A pill that is a little
hard to swallow when things are not going the way WE THINK they should.
But we humans are our own worst enemies.  We create our own cayous!

If we just stopped and became very still within our thoughts we might
recognize a few things and want to change it up a little.  Yup!  We
co-create what we get!   We play a major role in our lifes experiences. 
OOOOOOH, Ouch!   That has got to sting just a little.  Especially if you
are an MLM'r or marketer who believes it is Your Turn.  You put your time
in.  You put the effort what's up?

OOOh's that attitude thingy again!   I stopped flipping my wig at all the 'so called' Guru's and their sales tactics........I really did you know!  I have stopped
blaming and pointing fingers.  I get it!!  

You know, everyone has a thought on how and why things happen or do not
happen!  The scenario I have created above has more to do with negative
energy than any thing else.  Negative energy starts with your thinking.
Have you ever asked, if this is true, then why do all the 'Bad Dudes',
scammers, gurus giving you false hope etc. why do they seem to succeed
while you struggle? What's a person to do?

Excellent question!  It is because they may be the 'bad guys' but they are
feeding their minds with only positive thoughts.  An energy that triggers
positive results.  So we obviously need to re-focus our thinking.

Never mind those guys!  Concentrate on what you want and need to do to
achieve great results.  Get some positive energy going.   Every thought you
give to them is re-creating negative energy.  It is sub-conscious so even more
important to let it be as it is.  The more pissed off and angry you are, the
more your sub-conscious receives negative energy. 

A good way to overcome these blokes is to write tips in a blog with things
to be aware of when searching for a home business or a way to make money
from home.  Here's an idea for one tip...........when watching video footage
stay alert.  It may take a couple of videos before you notice things that are
really just a little too didn't I hear that voice before or
and this really happened.......I saw two videos on two separate sites with the
exact same background.  They changed a couple of little things like what was
on the coffee table and the presenter sat in a different spot....other than that
it was identical.  That was the first encounter I had had with a staged
video!  The Actors are polished and never miss a beat!!

Nothing happens for free, nothing comes from just believing it and it will
come to you.  That's not how any of this works.  Make sure U are paying
close attention to your ethics!!  Share what you know and make sure your hearts in it!

Don't assume others know the same things you know or have experienced the same experiences.  Share and prosper freely, stay open and believe 100% in whatever it is you are doing.


I am a gifter and would be happy to share if anyone has any questions about how this really works.  No obligation whatsoever.  You can even tour my site if you like!

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