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Is Email-Marketing still worth while?

Nov 3rd 2010 at 7:25 AM

Apparently email marketing is on a downward trend. At least that's what some program owners are trying to tell us in order to promote cell-phone marketing.

Is that true?
Why would that be so?
If it's true, why are more and more new Listbuilders and Mailers opening up daily? And more people using them?

These are the questions I'm trying to find answers to today.


I've been checking my mailing stats for a while now.
Email open statistics show a drastic reduction.
Now some will tell me I'm doing it wrong.
The stats I'm referring to are from shared email series, from highly respected marketers, so from supposedly tried and tested emails. My personalized series perform just a tiny bit better.

Fact is: people sign up from a Squeeze page, confirm their subscription and then just never even open the emails they receive, never mind clicking links.


In order to find the answer to this question one has to categorize the subscribers first.

Curio hunters:
People who surf the net and subscribe out of curiosity. They aren't seriously interested, just get caught in a moment by shrewd advertising copy. They confirm their subscription
because asked to do so. They will at the most open the welcome email. And that's the end of the story.

Then there are subscribers generally called program hoppers. I call them gamblers. They subscribe to about everything that promises them lots of money without having to work.
Opening emails is work - so they generally don't do that.
They may open emails targetting their emotions and greed.

Wanna Bees:
I think these are the mainstream subscribers. People wanting to improve their life somehow, but having no real goal, no real drive, no real plan. So they subscribe to
whatever hits their fancy, they confirm their subscription, open the welcome mail, maybe open some others and even click the links.
But since they subscribe to so many offers, they are inundated with mails and then just throw the towel.

IM apprentices have a program they are trying to promote. They have joined Listbuilders, Mailers, Traffic Exchanges and the respective downline-builders.
IM-appies just get too much mail to open them all,so they become selective.

Above categorization then supplies us with some of the reasons for unopened emails. The main one obviously being Information Overload.

Why are more and more new Listbuilders and Mailers opening up daily and more people using them?

Fact is: about every third mailing promotes a new one.
Fact is: Every downline-builder has links to listbuilders and mailers.
Fact is: Every "Guru" advises to use it.

So email marketing as such is not dead.
But is it still worth while?
With more and more people using it, it surely must be, one would reckon.

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