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Is Cashmails.org a scam? - A members review

Jul 23rd 2011 at 9:13 AM

Hello...And welcome to an honest  review of ==> Cashmail.org.

But first, the GOOD news!

I want to tell you about this site I found.

They pay me to read e-mails,
visit web sites and much more.It takes about 90 seconds per ad click, but the reward is $US110.00. I currently had 70 ads in my inbox.The set limit before you can recieve payment into either your PayPal or AlertPay account, is $US20,000. I have had problems with PayPal, so I go with AlertPay.

So I suggest, if you join, do as I am doing  right now,click and earn  at a comfortable pace, and you could get a payout  using the free members level, say, within a space of 6 months or so.

The only peeve I have with this system, is some of the links are expired, due to advertiser error,but you can still get the $US100 payment, some are without the link, and are not active. It can be frustrating to some, I just simply delete the ad. And, because it is my first time to use a business opportunity like this , I am hoping like hell, they're true to their word and pay me out upon my reaching their set limit, when I request it!

It's free to join and easy to sign up! Click this link to visit: http://alturl.com/cmt2t

Other sites I have joined are Pay To click (PTC) like GrandPTC,10dollarclick,and bux inc.

I am also hoping they will pay me out when I reach their set limit. There are usually a set of 5 60 second ads and the rewards are anything between $US1-10.00. per ad clicked. Payment limits are also anywhere between $US1-20,000.

But overall they are all great sites.


Now for the BAD news!

Danger! danger! Will Robinson! This may be a scam!

As I have read very upsetting comments at both Yahoo answers and IM Report Card!

As of Monday August 1,2011 5:56 A.M. NZ time, have reached $US14000 and if I TRULY get paid out  I will let you know! With PROOF!

Meanwhile check out my friend's new anti-scam forum @


A complete novice seeking to make his or her fortune online via Internet Marketing or Multi  Level Marketing and affiliate programs , can look forward to endless days and nights of toil, by trying the everyday "guru -suggested" tricks to making money online for a couple of years and see very little or no results at all! 

It's extremely tough when you're a complete novice to Internet  or Multi Level Marketing - not knowing all the "tricks" to making a lot of cash online as the experts do!  So they fall for all the hype involving secrets, magic buttons, formulas whitehat, blackhat,and various misleading information online. As a " newbie" you'll also become trapped and snowed under by Google's "preferences" ==> Aweber's unforseen price hikes for an expanding list ==> restricting clickbank payout rules resulting in NO profit! ==>NO traffic to your websites, due to Traffic exchange owners stealing your traffic ==> Hackers on line converting your links to theirs and therefore stealing your cash earned  ==> NO conversions ==> NO sales ==> NO cash==> and NO success!

An ever nagging little voice inside my head, keeps telling me

"There has to be a much easier way for me to earn money online! And  it appears that what I'm doing,  doesn't seem to be  working for me! Producing the results I really want! So; why the hell, do I keep doing it, day in, day out!?"

I have pondered the money making opportunity

cashmails.us ==>http://alturl.com/cmt2t

for at least 6 months , and these are the  questions that arose...


  • Could this really be the faster way to make money at no cost, no risk and no chance of being scammed?



  • Is it recession proof and legit?



  • Will they actually  payout you when you've reached the set limit?

Have read endless negative comments on http://www.yahooanswers.com and Youtube that cashmails don't pay out, make excuses etc. As of August 7 or there abouts, when I reached the $20,000 limit payout...I sent a request to be paid, and was informed I would be contacted.Its been a week ( date of re-editing and adding this comment is Thursday 11 August 2011 @ 4:39 PM NZ time GMT?  and no e-mail received yet!

Has anyone actually earned money using this or similar offers?

If so,please feel free to add your comments below!

Latest News HOT off the Press! I earned the required $20000, only to find they had given me free full membership instead of the cash as they promise on their website - I contacted them several times to discuss it with me but they've NEVER replied me back - so, I haven't been back! THIS WEBSITE IS A SCAM!

Psst...Befor you go...Try this!

combined with this ==> http://alturl.com/kasjp and get more referrals and earn more cash!




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