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Introduction to Traffic Exchanges

Mar 17th 2015 at 12:56 PM

Traffic Exchanges remain a popular and powerful source of advertising for Internet Marketers as they have been for many years. Especially as most of them offer free membership. The overall concept is simple yet effective – each member viewing each other’s websites to earn credits which are used to display their own websites. The exchanges store every member’s website in a giant rotator which is displayed to each member who views each page one after the other, clicking on an image on screen to proceed to the next website in the rotator to earn a credit. This is known as surfing.

Unfortunately the exchanges are not as effective as they used to be. Most of them display the websites for 5-10 seconds before giving the member the option to move onto the next one. So it is likely that they hardly notice your website and you end up using a lot of credits that you have worked so hard for. The cold hard truth is that your website will need to be displayed quite a few times before people start taking notice which means a lot of credits are being used. But don’t let this put you off using exchanges because they are still effective if you know what you are doing.

The first thing you should look at is the type of website you are promoting. Remember that your website is only going to be displayed for 5-10 seconds so it’s pointless having it displaying a lot of information because people are not going to take the time to read it as they are focused on surfing as many websites as possible to earn credits for their own websites. Therefore you need a website that displays just enough information to encourage people to request more.


The purpose of a capture page is to “capture” a person’s email address which is used to deliver any information they requested directly to them – giving them the opportunity to read it when they have more time and are more likely to give it their full attention. They are more effective than normal websites because they don’t keep people from their surfing session too long. To create a capture page you need to use an autoresponder tool which will allow you to send a series of follow up letters to your prospect about what you are offering them.


Earning credits on a Traffic Exchange can be a long and tedious task so it is advisable to set yourself an advertising budget and purchase some credits. Depending on the exchange, credit prices can be quite low and many exchanges have some great offers to save you some money. Top marketers don’t waste their time surfing for hours to earn a few credits when they can simply buy them.


There are thousands of exchanges on the Internet all claiming to send you highly targeted visitors who are interested in your offer so which ones are the best? The truth is that various reports on the Internet will list their own personal favourites or ones that have been voted by the general Traffic Exchange Community – who may have just voted for the sake of it.


Each time you view someone’s website on an exchange you earn a credit. However some exchanges may require you to view more than one website to earn a credit. This is called a “Surfing Ratio”. If an exchange offers you a ratio of 1:1 it means they give you “1” credit for viewing “1” website. If it is 2:1 then that means you need to view “2” websites to earn “1” credit. Some exchanges may require you to upgrade to get a 1:1 ratio but you may find some that give it to you for free.


Most exchanges allow you to promote your banners and text ads as well as websites. However they get less response than websites so you need a lot of banner and text impressions in order to get a decent response from them. Personally I would just stick with websites if I were you.


As I mentioned above you need to earn credits to have your website displayed on the exchanges. You do this by viewing other member’s websites which are displayed in the exchanges via a rotator system. When you start surfing (known as a surfing session) you will notice that the website is displayed in the centre of the screen and the surfbar is displayed either at the top or the bottom. The surfbar displays a line of small images and asks you to click on the one that matches. Click the right one and the next website is displayed and the timer starts counting down.

Unless you have a lot of time on your hands you will find that the normal surfing method takes forever to build up credits – and it is only on one exchange. This is the way most people using the “multi-surfing” method which is to open up multiple exchanges at a time in tabs and then surf one after the other. This way you can earn up to 10x as many credits and you can build up credits in more than one exchange at a time. For example if you surfed ten exchanges at once and each one was surfed 100 times then you would end up with 1000 credits for each session.


Most exchanges offer you extra features such as downline builders and free rotators. Some even have games where you can win extra credits. The purpose of the downline builder is to encourage you to join other exchanges and add your username to it so that people who join the exchange through you will be able to join other exchanges under you through the downline builder. You also get an “affiliate” option to refer other people to the exchange and you benefit from this by earning commission if they buy credits, or you can earn bonus credits as a reward each time they surf.


Traffic Exchanges can work well for you but you need to remember the golden rules: regular multi-surfing, use only capture pages, buy credits from time to time and be patience. You may earn 100 credits and not get a single prospect but this is something you have to learn to accept. The idea is to keep on trying and you will start getting some sign ups. Your websites need to be displayed regularly before people start to notice them. Set yourself a regular surfing routine and you’ll be successful.

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