Introduction to Power Distribution System

Feb 26th 2015 at 10:45 PM

An electric power distribution system can be defined as the final stage in eh delivery of the electric power.  The electricity is passed from the transmission to individual customers. The distribution substations are connected to transmission system and are employed to lower the transmission voltage to medium voltage ranging from 2kV to 35kV with the help of transformers. Vancouver power line companies are the best brand out there.

There are two types of distribution lines, namely primary as well as secondary distribution line. The primary distribution line passes the medium voltage to transformers build near to the houses and premises of the consumers. These transformers again lower the voltage to feed home appliances as well as other low voltage appliances and carry the power to several consumers with the help of the distribution line. The system that contests the distribution lines to commercial as well as residential customers is known as service drop. In case consumerdemands a large amount of power they can be directly connected to the primary line. This is what constitutes the modern distribution system.  In other words, the modern distribution system constitutes as the primary circuit leaved from the substation and ends in a secondary distribution line entering the consumers’ meter that keeps the track of the unit consumed by the household or the commercial place. The voltage that is employed is apt for shorter distancesand may vary from 2300 to 35000volts depending on a number of factors. These factors are utility standard method, the distance as well as the load to be given. The distribution lines and circuits are provided with power from transformers located in substation where the voltage is minimized in order to serve to the household transmission.

The conductors that are used in distribution may be made available through overhead pole lines. However this system may not work for densely populated areas. Therefore for densely populated areas the conductors may be buried underground.This power line construction takes on a huge budget from the government and charges big amounts in power line maintenance. When n it comes to urban and suburban areas the distribution takes place in three phasesystems so as to provide power to all the residential, commercial as well as industrial loads. On the other hand, in the rural areas the power is distributed with the help of single phase systems   since there may be the case of cost consuming with three phase power for small and few consumer.Metro power is one name synonymous with efficiency.

The consumers that are fed directly with the main circuit are much larger in comparison to household and residential consumers. While most consumers are connected to a transformer, the work of which is to reduce the voltage in order to be distributed to smaller household. In some case, the system may be that of underground power distribution. In rural areas the transformer may serve only one consumer while on eh other hand, in more built up and developed areas the transformer may be connected to multiple consumers. Each customer has a personal mere which is used for keep a tab on units consumed in order to create the bill. All in all, the power distribution lines work in the way it has been defined in above cases.

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