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Introduction to FC, SC, ST, LC Fiber Patch Cords

Sep 18th 2015 at 6:25 PM

A fiber patch cord is a fiber optic cable capped at either end with various connectors, which can be connected to an optical switch, cable television (CATV) or other telecommunication equipment rapidly and conveniently. Since the fiber patch cord is composed of a fiber optic cable and connectors, it can be classified by the connectors on either end of the cable. This article will give a brief introduction to such commonly used fiber patch cords as FC, SC, ST, LC fiber patch cord.


FC Fiber Patch Cord

With at least one FC connector capped at either end of the fiber optic cable, FC fiber patch cord is one of the most popular fiber patch cord. Using a 2.5mm ferrule, the FC connector is designed for use in high-vibration environments. The advantage of FC connectors is that they screw on firmly, but the users need to make sure they have the key aligned in the slot properly before tightening. At the other end of the fiber optic cable, various connectors such as FC, SC, LC can be capped. FC fiber patch cords can be applied in both single-mode and multi-mode applications.

SC Fiber Patch Cord

SC fiber patch cord has one or two SC connectors at the end of its fiber optic cable. The SC connector is a snap-in connector also with a 2.5mm ferrule that is widely used for its excellent performance. The most commonly used SC fiber patch cords are SC to SC fiber patch cable, SC to LC fiber patch cable and SC to ST fiber patch cable. All these fiber patch cables can be single-mode and multi-mode. SC single-mode patch cords are with typical 9/125 single mode fiber, while SC multi-mode patch cords are with typical 50/125 and 62.5/125 optional multi-mode fiber.

SC to LC fiber patch cable

ST Fiber Patch Cord

ST connector is one of the first-generation connector types widely implemented in fiber optic networking applications. Its ferrule is 2.5 mm and is with a round plastic or metal body. Although extremely popular for many years, the ST connector is slowly being supplanted by smaller, denser connections in many installations. Thus, the ST fiber patch cord is not very popular now.

LC Fiber Patch Cord

LC is a small form factor connector that uses a 1.25mm ferrule. Using a retaining tab mechanism (similar to a phone or RJ45 connector), the body of LC connector resembles the squarish shape of SC connector. It is usually used together with the SC connector in a LC fiber patch cord, which can be both single-mode and multi-mode.

All the above mentioned fiber patch cords are used in computer work station and patch panels or optical cross connect distribution center. They create a convenient life for us.

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