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Aug 25th 2010 at 3:30 PM

Hi ya'll,

My name is Lee and I'm from Alabama. Just an 'ole country boy hunting for a way to get out of having to struggle to make a livin. I really don't believe that God intended for us to work our tails off all of our lives, be away from our families 8 to 16 hours a day, struggle to pay our bills and end up dieing from stress related causes. As it stands right now...if I continue on the path I'm on...I will never be able to retire and I'll end up dieing at work. My neighbor retired 7 months ago from his job as a hospital coordinator and 2 months ago had to go back to work part time just to make ends meet. There are guys I work with at my job that have been there for over 30 years...they make no more money than what I do. That's pretty sad. I don't want to end up like that. 

So I decided a couple years back that I was going to try another path. My journey through life was going to go through some major re-construction. So I started looking online for opportunities to make some good money. I tried just about everything from affiliate marketing to e-books. Most of what I ran across as I'm sure the majority of you have were scams. In other words I ran across a huge amount of people that were liars and thieves. That may sound harsh but I call it like I see it...I mean you can dress a pig up in a nice evening gown, put make up and perfume on it but no matter what you do...it's still just a pig. How some of these so called internet marketers can get away with doing the things they do amazes me. In my world, a mans word and his hand are good enough for me but on this computer...well lets just say it's danged near impossible to judge his character. You just have to try something and hope you don't lose your shirt. I can say though that I've learned a lot with my hit and miss tactics over the past couple of years. I do research things a little better too. I am now with 3 different teams and promoting 5 different opportunities. I do believe that I have found my path that will eventually lead to my dreams. Within the next year I know I will be able to get out of hell...(That's what I call where I work...It's hot enough in there in the summer to be 40 hells)

If you've gotten this far then I want to thank you for stopping by and reading this. I want to wish you the best in your online ventures and if you tire from the opportunities you're in then feel free to join up to one or more of the teams I'm on. They're not get rich quick schemes, you'll have to work at them and be patient but you will make money. I know a lot of people want overnight success but look at it this way. Your job for instance started paying you a certain amount per week. You worked hard and eventually they paid you more money each week based on your merit, your hard work. Same thing with any program on the internet. You make a little...you work harder at it...you make more. The difference is...online you're working for yourself and can make as much or as little as you want. Ahhhh...ain't life grand...Hey...let me get off here...I have some surfing to do...I need more money!...Ya'll...thanks again for stopping in and I wish you love, good peace and many blessings...Buh bye for now.


P.S. Almost forgot...here are some of the teams I'm on in case you'd like to look at them.

Rip Tide Army

Team Atlantis

Power Path

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Oct 1st 2010 at 10:56 PM by rhondamorton
Hi Lee, great introductory article!! Thank you for sharing, it's a pleasure to read 'real life' stories so we all know "we are not alone in our battles". Best of luck to ,It's great to have another dedicated soldier on the battlefield on RTA and here @ IMface :)
Sep 26th 2010 at 1:34 PM by philjansen
Hi Lee, Pleasure To Connect With You Here. I hope We Shall Have A Lasting Mutual & Beneficial Friendship & Association. If You Would Like To Find Out A Little About Me, And What I Do, Please Visit My Faceplate. Thank You. God Bless!
Sep 19th 2010 at 10:55 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Lee: Thanks for this straightforward and direct introduction. As you have noted, many of us have experienced the same things in our quest for residual income online. It's tough to know who to trust, but when you do find a group of straight shooters, it's best to stick with them and learn what you can. I appreciate how you have said that your opportunities are not "get rich quick schemes," but require effort and patience. Slow and steady gets us there! :-)
Sep 17th 2010 at 11:36 PM by schmity58
Hi awesome article i really like the way you tell it the way it is because there is a lot of hype out there so much so it makes you want to puck. And i here you i have retirement sneaking up on me and a empty bank account. But i got lucky and fond a good home with mentoring for free i know its another ebook but this Micheal Dhouly joind a 100 company's to get all the bad on them. We have ten free training calls a week audios and videos free he doe's this to get back at those gurus and lies and all that useless hype if your interested you can find a link on my faceplate. I hope you find your calling have a great day.

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