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Internet Marketing Leaders/Gurus Hall Of Fame

Aug 21st 2010 at 5:49 PM

As the activity of online internet marketing morphs from a wild west mentality to a more respected and trusted way of earning income while helping others, now may be the right time to establish an Internet Marketers' Hall of Fame in recognition of the extraordinary accomplishment of some of our colleagues.

Facets of Internet Marketing have matured as the essential tools like autoresponders have become more reliable. For example, Chris Farrell has just introduced a standards based practice for transparency in promoting affiliate products. This dovetails nicely with Frank Kern and others earlier videos asking us, as members of the internet marketing community to abide by the new FCC disclosure rules.

Online Marketing Practice itself has become more routinized as Sales funnels, upsells, downsells, sales copy, cpanel and hosting have evolved. These advances makes it much easier for newbies to quickly get on a level playing field to ramp up their businesses while in no way does it guarantee success.

Clearly real leader gurus like Eben Pagan, Eric Holmlund, Mark Joyner (fill in the name of your favorite Guru) have truly contributed to the evolution of internet marketing as a viable "industry" above and beyond the money they have pocketed in the process.

So what are the criteria for an Authority Site dedicated to an Internet Marketing Hall OF Fame? 

-Achieve a Minimum Financial Threshold of X dollars of Lifetime Verifiable Bank Certified Earnings

-Attain a Longevity threshold in the business (model Jimmy D. Brown)

- Proof of Unique Content/ Voice establishing an expertise that helps others example: Perry Marshall PPC

-Proof of Product Quality Consensus Voting by user base that the proposed Guru has consistently produced a number of products or training courses or content of Superior Content over say a 5 year period. Yes, I know http://imreportcard.com is already doing a good job of rating im products but I believe this is only part of the puzzle of internet marketing excellence.

-Social Give Back/Contribution to the IM Community Itself Hall Of Fame Gurus must demonstrate contribution to their peers

-Social Giveback Society At Large Hall of Fame eligible Gurus must demonstrate awareness of society at large perhaps by contributing a % of their earnings to a Non Profit or by some other demonstration that the Board of Directors approves.

In sum, it would not be too difficult to design an algorithm of entrance based on the criteria above + other ideas that come to light.

And it would make sense to limit the number of acceptances to say 10 each year. 

We could also have a "worthy of recognition" category to inspire "new blood" in the im industry.

Could IMFaceplate Itself serve as the Host for The Internet Marketing Guru Hall of Fame?  

If we could attract say 3 well known internet marketers with high authority to join the project here at IMFaceplate we would be able to launch the project in house.

If not it would be easy to set it up on its own domain with a WordPress Blog

Obviously, people are going to agree/disagree about who should be inducted and that is healthy.

I believe the Hall OF Fame should not be in the business of promoting products itself but it might be possible to provide certificates of appreciation and give members the opportunity to put their video award recognition content up for inspiration.

In closing I should say that I have been inspired by people like Paul Evans and Jimmy D. Brown even though I have not personally taken their courses.  

The Internet Marketing Hall OF Fame would hopefully have positive Social Spin Off for all of us and perhaps provide best practice role models.

Thank you all for consideration & guidance and

best wishes from Yokohama, Japan


P.S. the names here are representative please don't be miffed if you believe you were left out I just wanted to launch the idea







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