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"The Cupkins Human Network-"It Pays To be "Human"
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Internet Marketers Must Develop A Home Based Business "ATTITUDE"

Sep 16th 2013 at 4:41 AM

The Cupkins Human Network-It Pays To be Human

What is your mind-set? Do you think like the President of a company...?

Every day I hear people say things like...

"I have tried everything, I quit."

"I have wasted Thousands of dollars online, I give up."

Let me state this clearly.

Failure is a luxury you cannot afford.

Anyone can fail. It's not that hard.

Just sit in front of the boob tube all day long and you will quickly become brain dead, bored, and broke.

If you market anything online, even if you are just an affiliate for someone else's program, you are first a business owner and a salesman for your business.

As a business owner you must think like the President of your company.

Your job is to grow your business using every legitimate and ethical means possible, and this means you need to develop sound marketing strategies.

Strategies are those things that guide a business toward its vision or destination. They are the road map your business uses to get to where you want it to go. Most businesses are tactical not strategic. Think about it. Most pizza businesses are tactical. 10 years ago you could buy a large pizza and it would cost you around $18. Today you pay $20 or less and you get 2 large pizzas and a bottle of Pepsi.

Tactics are the methods you employ to achieve the goal or strategy you have already set in place.

Strategies should also be combined with some guiding principles. Guiding principles are the things you will and won't do to achieve the vision. Things like spamming, plagiarism, advertising untruthfully, or delivering lousy services and products, to mention a few undesirables.

Companies with strong ethical foundations, always outlast those whose behavior in the market place is highly questionable. You are also a salesman for your business.

You know, I get really tired of hearing people say, I don’t like selling, or I don’t sell anything, I just help people. That’s like saying, “I don’t like making money.”

So you don’t like selling? Go get a regular job or get over it and learn everything you can about selling online. IM Warriors most effective communication channel is to construct a killer email campaign. Learn to write strategic email promotions that gets results. Selling is not a dirty word. I’m not suggesting you become a used car salesman, or bagger people into submission. I am not saying you need to become the type of sales people I dislike. You know the kind. You walk into Macy’s or any large department store and you want to have an enjoyable time just browsing around, and soon as you set foot through the door they pounce all over you with, “Can I help you?” “Looking for anything in particular?” You tell them that you just want to look around, but they continue to pester you, because many of them work on wages plus commission and they don’t get paid what they need to get paid unless they corral you and sell you something. It’s a yucky, obnoxious way to sell and I am not suggesting you become that kind of sales person. The problem is many marketers actually sell that way. Instead of providing value, information, help, advice and developing the relationship first with their subscribers and readers, they pepper their lists and social posts with ad after ad after ad.

This is not the kind of selling I am referring to. I am talking about something completely different.

Learning a dynamic affiliate selling model systems is nothing more than helping people to buy and the way you do this by giving them enough information so they can make an informed decision. It’s an art form and you can learn it. Fred Herman, one of the great American Sales Masters once said, “I have never sold anything to anyone, but I have sure helped a lot of people to buy.” I want you to remember that. It is a completely different mindset. You are in business to solve customer’s problems and to answer their questions by giving them the information they need not to sell them something they don’t want or need. People will only buy from you when they like you, understand you, believe you and trust you. It’s your task to convey this to your readers and customers through your videos and sales copy. If you plan to run a million dollar company, you had better learn the art of selling.

Cupid D. Atkins

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