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Internet Marketeers you need a business plan

Oct 18th 2010 at 12:37 PM

When you are starting a business, let's say a restaurant, you need a business plan. In Holland it is mandatory to have one by law, except for a 1-person company.

In that perspective is setting up an online business the easiest way to start a business; you do not need diplomas, certificates and lots of other things needed for setting up a "brick" company. (I do not know the right expression, I mean a business that is not an online business).
So a lot of people start an online business without any preparation at all. Of course everybody has their own unique approach but in my opinion there are some things that are crucial when you want to succeed in online business; in short: YOU NEED A BUSINESS PLAN! Preparation:

If you were never in online business before it is important to educate yourself in the following topics:


  • How to choose an online business opportunity that has good potential. How to avoid scams.
  • How to generate traffic and leads. Do not forget to do research about laws for sending emails. Use an autosreponder that is in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act.
  • How to set up a campaign.
  • learn to brand yourself by writing articles, writing e-mails and e-mail headline, setting up a blog, creating splashes and banners.
  • Make sure to include social media in your marketing. Take the time to kearn how to use them effectively. A good social media presence is nowadays even more important than SEO. Next to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter I recommend  APSense. On APSense in particular I recommend setting up a Brand Page. A promising fairly new paid only business network is PinOpps Pro; since the free pinboard is an APSense add-on it is likely to grow very fast.
  • Learn to track your results
  • You can't be an expert in everything. Learn to find resources and people with qualities and skills you lack your self.
  • Explore possibilities of social networks and ad-ons and learn to use them to your advantage.
  • Learn to say no, regardless how tempting a new opportunity is. There are only so many hours every day you can spend on your online business. If it is a good opportunity it will still be there in 6 months; just put it in your long term to-do-list.
  • Do not believe everything they tell you but keep an open mind.
  • Be patient and never give up: when you are a newbie in online marketing you need to realize that it takes time to build a online network of people that know you and trust you enough to consider buying a service/product or sign up for programs you recommend. You can speed up this process by investing in your business where in my opinion diverse advertising is the most important.


There are plenty resources for that to find; at the bottom I listed a few recommendations. Actually you can find those here on APSense too if you know where to look. I can not stress enough how important it is on any network to explore features and add-ons and how they work together. By exploring you can find out to have better chances to earn from the APSense Partner program.

Spend a lot of time here and join some groups. Read the comments. Check out the persons that write useful comments, blogs and revpages. Those are the people that are willing to help you if you join their program and very important, can teach you the skills to make funded decisions yourself.




After you have done your homework it is time to get started. So you sign up for a opportunity and a traffic program. The traffic program has a downline builder in which there is a TE and a safelist. The TE and the traffic program recommend a program with a great free Splash page generator for which you sign up too. I think you get the picture. What you need is structure and you need to keep track of the tasks you have completed and  a to-do list. I use my g-mail for that and some excel spreadsheets. Make a habbit of it to keep these things updated all the time or you will ending up, as they say in Holland, running around as a chicken without a head. Make a schedule for daily tasks like surfing TE's, answering e-mail, advertising and branding. Set up short term goals and long term goals. Make todo list for those as well and monitor progress so that you can adjust if necessary. Be patient and don't give up. Only promote a few programs actively; after reading the above I am sure you understand why. I hope this was helpful. Additions and useful comments are welcome. Please visit my business center if you are interested in what programs i am in. I can highly recommend Surf-Bar-Traffic TE and Newbie Marketers Blog for training, and The Marketers Co-op and ADSactly for affordable targeted advertising, hosting and business services like an auto responder.

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Oct 18th 2010 at 8:06 PM by TrafficExchange
Every successful business, online or offline, has a business plan. Without a business plan it is impossible to achieve any goals.

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