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Instant Credibility

Aug 13th 2010 at 11:54 AM

One of the biggest challenges of building a business at home is credibility.  Now if you are a beginner you need to get that credibility not necessarily your credibility.  Here is something that anyone can do is to send people to a video reported by someone or organization that people would believe because they are credible and no one would believe that they would openly not tell the whole truth.

Now let us suppose that you could direct everyone you have contacted and you tell them that your product is being featured in a report by FOXNEWS?  For one people would tend to listen to you and your credibility would go up because you are representing something that is important enough to get the notice of a major news outlet.  Now if the report is very complimentary and it gets a positive rating by the news outlet, people will be more willing to want to get more information on what you have to offer.

Next, with this video there are several other videos professionally done, tells each person that goes to that web page all about the company, the products, and how easily anyone who wants it can make a substantial income.  BUT no where on that site can the either join you nor can they purchase any product.  They MUST get in touch with you personally by calling you or emailing you.  By the time that they have reviewed all the information on that website, they are ready to join your team.

Wouldn't that be a great way to have people to contact you?  All you would need to do is simply ask them what products do they want to have shipped to them.  Could you do that?  Fill an order that people who call you or contact you via email who really want what you have to offer? 

Are you ready to review that site right now?  I have that website right here:  Http://

My contact information is on my profile for you to get in touch with me.  I am not going to get in touch with you about this unless you either call me or email me.  Matter of fact I have no clue as to if or when you have visited this website.  NO cookies from me personally and you cannot fill out a form to get me to contact you.  This at this stage is totally between you and the website that does not and cannot send you a lot of unwanted emails. 

Have a very blessed day!

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Aug 13th 2010 at 3:30 PM by bethschmillen
Hi Art it's nice to read a well presented blog about one's site that they are promoting. I know it's easier for me to put together a fast promo instead... but I've decided to change that way of doing things. thanks for a great marketing example Beth

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