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Aug 22nd 2010 at 4:21 PM

What's This All About Alfie?

If you are of the mind that the internet marketing niche is indeed the most competitive, innovative and ultimately stimulating (if not equally financially rewarding to all) of online business activities you might be wondering how you can begin to mine these virtual diamonds, yourself if you have recently arrived on scene.

Here's How I Now Breathe the IM Marketing Niche Atmosphere

For well more than two years I was essentially an inhaler, that is I inhaled as much of the great, mostly free sometimes paid information out there that I could smell whether it be PDFs, Videos or Podcasts. Daily and sometimes hourly I was able to find quality content from people who have far more im experience than I, are better looking, have more moolah to throw at the game and are social adepts. 

I thought that the way to master im business niche was to absorb the Master's Voice like the RCA dog or like taking Dr. West's Course on Henry James at Chapel Hill.

The problem was the dog never barked or the semester never ended and there were no Tests!  

It finally dawned on me that I needed to Exhale i.e. breathe out/produce my own information/carbon dioxide ..... to blow Content Puffs out into to the im online atmosphere.

Baby Breaths

Joining Affiliate Programs, working on teams, promoting other peoples products condenses to Baby Breathing.

True, actually performing any of our own, sui generis, online clicking productivity is ultimately more satisfying than inhaling-if only to put Bill Clinton's " I didn't inhale" line in a more positive light within the Rio Tinto online marketing mining world.

Fortunately, I have finally  crossed my mental Rubicon and have started exhaling regularly, taking action steps every day to either get content up or click the clicks to get my offers viewed.

Internet Marketing Balanced Breathing & Your Online Success Wind Sock

To avoid frustration, despair or becoming an IM Pillar of Salt why not try my balanced breathing online technique?

Do this: constructively balance the number of hours you spend absorbing Guru Content, studying how to PDFs and Videos with definite, planned exhaling content producing action.

So, for example, if you can devote 10 hours a week to your im marketing online business building niche set up your timer so that you never inhale more than 5 hours worth of Guru content that week.

Use your brain pick ax to create small, consistent air pockets of Content Confidence (TM) and strong walls  in your online mine during the first six months of effort online. 

Don't hesitate to jump into the internet marketing coal & diamond mines but beware of the canary.  

Best wishes to all,

HAL GG/cashstack




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