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Infinity Downline, The Truth...

Jan 15th 2011 at 4:20 PM


Infinity Down-line is a legitimate opportunity created by Peter
Wolfing on March 1, 2009. It continues to grow additional income
streams for many online entrepreneurs and reached 8,000 members
proceeding it's 1st 3 months debut. Memberships are now
approaching 80,000 in just one short year after inception.

Mr. Wolfing was already a well respected and established expert
who developed back offices, systems and compensation plans
for hundreds of online businesses since the late 90's, some
garnering tens of thousands of members. Many of these businesses
are still in existence today.

Beginning his career as an off-line marketing rep for many
companies, Mr. Wolfing was totally aware of the types of tools that reps in the field were looking for in order to assist them
in product sales. He has offered "tools of the trade" to
entrepreneurs world-wide successfully for the last 12 years..

I was introduced to him through the Phone Broadcast Club. His
marketing tools and resources have always been a great help with
many of the businesses I have taken part in.

The Product Offered

ecoming an Infinity Downline member has its privileges. Upon
joining, every member instantly receives hundreds of hours of
premium audio and video educational products that teach expert
ways to drive traffic to your website on auto pilot. You not only
learn computer and marketing skills, (Microsoft Office, Excel, Ms
Word, and Photo Shop)but also all the essential skills and tools from A to Z in marketing a business online. These include skillssuch as product creation, affiliate marketing , building squeeze pages, creating web sites, Wordpress Blogs, Joomla, video
production & editing, and more. All of these educational videos
are continually updated.

The Need in the Market Place

These types of educational tools are invaluable for anyone
seeking upward mobility in an increasingly competitive world.
Most consumers can benefit from the product line Infinity
Downline has to offer whether they choose to market them or not.

Infinity Downline also meets important needs by offering a
product or business model that everyone can afford during these
economically challenging times.

The Opportunity

For $25 and a little bit of effort anyone can start a reliable
world-wide profit center. I say reliable, because most online
businesses are transient and often the only reason people get
involved is that there is an opportunity attached to a Guru with
a large following. What makes matters worse is by the time the
average person starts making money the Gurus get together and
take their list of followers to the NEXT BIG opportunity. I
don't see that happening with Infinity Downline, because the
product stands on its own with or without an opportunity attached
to it. One could actually build a book of business of customers
who are satisfied to just recruit just one member in order to
keep the valuable membership for free. This means real residual

Compensation Plan Briefly Explained...

The comp plan is what's called a reverse two up system. This
simply means that you are paid on your first sale which recoups
your initial investment and you break even on your 1st sale.

You then pass up your 2nd and 4th sale to your sponsor. You are
now completely qualified and get paid on all sales thereafter.

We know some may resent passing up sales, but remember all of the
folks you sell the product to have to pass up to you as well.
This creates leverage and true compounding monthly residual

Imagine that 20 personal sales a month with your own efforts can
bring in an extra $500 in residual income. It may not seem like
much but, that's enough to stop most of the foreclosures and
divorces happening around the nation right now.

Why is there no admin fee? What's the catch?

Infinity Downline cleverly advertises it's "tools of the trade"
by simply displaying them as well as other affiliate programs in
the back office where they are marketed virally through existing
members. It's a win-win situation for all since these are all top
notch marketing tools that any ambitious marketer could use to
build their businesses. They include, but are not limited to
Infinity Downline. Please understand there is never any pressure
or obligation to buy any of these tools.

Is Everyone Successful in Infinity Downline?

Of course not...just like everyone who has a health club
membership is not healthy. Sometimes people see the value and
just enjoy the membership. Some are just plain lazy. However,
some really see the opportunity and want to get going but don't
have a marketing blue print to follow and become confused and
overwhelmed by information overload provided by various online
marketing Gurus.

What's the Easiest Way to Find Success in Infinity Downline?

My opinion is to find a successful mentor or team that can design
a unique program based on your individual time schedule,
marketing strengths, and weaknesses. Then be coachable and

follow through with the program.

In conclusion

Infinity Downline is one of the best vehicles to financial
freedom for the average marketer to come along in years.

It is affordable for anyone. For just $25 and a little bit of
effort anyone can start a legitimate reliable profit center.
There is a real need and value in the market place for the
product. This is what accounts for the high retention rate

high, producing steady residual income for reps who market it.

It also allows customers to refer once to keep the membership for
free. The best way to maximize your chances for success in
Infinity Downline is to find a simple marketing plan that
complements your uniqueness, then be coach-able and follow
(nyoman suadnyana)


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