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Inbox Magazine 3.5.2012 Entrepreneurs Life Style

Feb 21st 2012 at 1:43 PM

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear readers,
Every month we write articles in our E-mail in box Magazine on a number of subects and
make them availible in our printed version of this magazine and delevered your home or

Some of the subjects that we write about in this magazine range from business, financies,
health and fitness these are our regular subjects you will also find bonus articles on topics
such as beauty, gadgets, fashion and other subjects. See this issue online click here

I hope you enjoy this months issues =)
Chris Brown
Entrepreneurs Life Style

Are you a business owner or a Entrepreneur?
If I would ask you what it is that you do? You can only
come up with a 1 or 2 word answer your probably a
business owner.

I have always hated being asked what it is that I do
because even after I give them my answer people
still do not really understand what I do.

Even my own father does not know what I do LOL.

I heard it explain to me this way if you do 1 or 2 things you are a business owner if you are generate multiple income streams from multiple sources or operate your business in more than 1 industry than you are a entrepreneurs.

Sir. Richard Branson is a great example of an Entrepreneur. He is most well know for Virgin
records but he has movied on to own multiple companies under the same brand.

The Walt Disney company is another great example of an Entrepreneur. Disney started out in the movie industry they then moved onto travel and today own sport team, business
coaching programs amoung many others things.

Even the late Steve Jobs was a Entrepreneur because he not only was involved in computers and technology but all the movie industry along with Disney.

There is a great Entrepreneur who started out just as a jewlery store they then moved on
started a monthly membership and then take their high end clients on tours digging up
Gold and Dimonds so they REALLY are not in the jewlerly business they are in the travel

In todays world it is very important that you be a Entrepreneur all due to the economy. You see there is not such things as good economies and bad economies. In every economy some prosper and other people struggle.

Abule who is a Entrepreneur who I talk about in my program "The Unfair Advantage Marketing Program - How to Never pay out of Pocket for your Advertising EVER AGAIN!!!"

He is the owner of 14 different business one of this business he is lossing $40,000 per month but since his other business are prospering even in this recession it is off shooting
the money he is lossing.

I am in business coaching which is a $100 billion dollar a year industry. I am also in travel
which is a $8 Trillion dollar a year industry + in Green enegry who Bill Gates says is to create the next generation of billionaires like the internet did for Bill Gates.

If you are not a Entrepreneur now is the time to take the next step click here

Stay tune for next month issue of Entrepreneur Life Style InBox Magazine.

See online click here

Chris Brown

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