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Apr 27th 2011 at 4:31 AM

I have a website Sabah Places, providing tourism information to visitors to my home state,Sabah.There is a forum set up just in case some visitors may want to ask some thing. Sad thing is many spammers joined the site and post links to their porn sites. I flushed out all these members and sadly have to delete the forum in the end.

I start afresh and put up a new forum. But this time I warned in no uncertain terms that no pornography and hate sites are allowed. They abide by these simple rules except for an occasional few. It is very odd that these people keep marking up the membership count on my website and do nothing else, no posting and no spamming. What is the purpose, can someone tell me please?

I was disheartened and stop updating the site, the AdSense income is next to zero for more than 3 years. I still keep the site just as some sort of community service. But the AdSense income from this strange site is picking up now for no apparent reason, it even pays for its hosting cost already! Has Google recently changed some thing that benefited my site? Or is it because those people who had been using my site all this while have decided to pay back by clicking?

Another site of mine, Benson PS Law is also starting to behave like this site. I am contemplating to stop receiving members before it gets out of hand.

All advices are welcome.

Updated 26 March 2012

I made the Forum section of that website accessable only by paid members today. The monthly fee is just $1.00. If it does not work I will incease it to a level at which they will stop coming. Anyway, spammers are cheap skates, I am confident this will drive them away.

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Mar 15th 2012 at 4:30 AM by bensonlaw
Sadly, I have to delete my forum again. The spammers were taking up too much of the bandwidth, it will be suspended after the first week on every month. So frustrating! The users count had gone up to 40,000+, crazy! It is very obvious the work of bots. I am not sure whether to install back the forum or not. If I ever do, I will use Captcha and charge a fee, this will definitely help to deter them.
Nov 20th 2011 at 1:31 PM by troy48
May 15th 2011 at 1:37 PM by Katsplacesandoffers
I do not have adsense but I do know many that do, most say that google has made some changes and there are a few that say that adsense is not worth it. I suggest you Google or Bing the question about what recent changes have been made for adsense and see what comes up. As for people clicking it? I doubt they would do it as a courtesy, they might be doing it because they like the ads or maybe your site has made it onto Googles list of sites it shows more. in which case you would get more views so more people to click. Hope you can figure it out.

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