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Lama Gurudas Sunyatananda | khenpogurudas


Aug 7th 2010 at 7:34 AM


abbey The Enlightened One taught that even loss and betrayal could bring us awakening. When we think about it, our awakening comes as a direct result of our taking wakeful steps… that is, bringing mindfulness to every experience, regardless of how we might initially perceive that experience or event.

The foolish farmer pays a service to come take his garbage as far away as possible, because he does not want the unpleasant smell of decaying vegetables, plants, and food stuffs. The wise farmer put all of that garbage in a single corner of his field, tilling and tending to it, much like any crop. Then, when it is time, and the Spring has arrived, he spreads the compost and manure that he endured the whole Summer, Fall and Winter long, and plants his crops beneath it. He knows that out of the rich compost, an abundant harvest will rise.

The Anointed One taught that some sow seeds on dry, rocky ground; while others sow seeds in fertile soil. The choice is ours, and we must be mindful, not only at the time when those seeds are sown, but in every wakeful step. Are we cultivating the fertile soil of compassion, enriched by every experience, no matter how much it "stinks", or how unpleasant it "appears"? Or are we cultivating a dry, barren and rocky place? Even then, if we discover that we have not been good stewards of the soil, when we bring mindful intentionality to the moment, we can choose to plant cacti and that soil will become the desert of compassion.


khenpo gurudas sunyatananda


“Chenrezig, Treasure of Objectless Compassion;
Manjushri, Lord of Stainless Wisdom;
Vajrapani, Destroyer of all adversarial forces;
O Je Tsong Khapa – Losang Drakpa —
Crown Prince of the Sages of the Land of Snows,
Humbly at Your Lotus Feet I ask your blessing.”


Drawing on the essential teachings of the great spiritual teachers, philosophers and freethinkers throughout time, Khenpo Gurudas Śunyatananda (retired Archbishop Francis-Maria Salvato, O.C.) has been regarded as a provocative, revolutionary “voice of reason” within the field of religion and spirituality, since 1983. Having the distinction of being one of the few openly non-theistic, openly-gay and post-denominational thinkers ever to serve as Bishop-Exarch and spiritual leader of the autocephalic Eastern Catholic Franciscans in North America, Gurudas is the author of more than 600 articles, eight books and currently serves as the spiritual advisor for a non-theistic, intentional spiritual community, The Spiritus Project. He can be reached at:

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