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I'm For Sale.

Aug 27th 2010 at 10:16 AM

You Are In Network Marketing, You Are In Sales.

Understand this: Anytime you’re asking another person to give you money in exchange

for something, you’re talking about sales.

Selling is not sharing and sharing is not selling.

We’ve all heard it before. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising there

is, right? Right.

What do you do when you see "an incredible movie at the theatre"? You tell your friends

how awesome it was…how gripping the plot was…how engaging the actors were…blah,

blah, blah, all that good stuff…and that they absolutely have to go see it. Same with

eating out at a great restaurant or picking up your favorite artist’s new CD.

People will be very likely to go spend money on these things after hearing a glowing

report from you, their trusted friend.

Here’s where the stick gets thrown into the spokes.

Your personal recommendation for "All that stuff is so powerful" because you have nothing

to gain by “selling” them to your friends. As soon as you throw a financial interest into

the mix, everything changes.

Both for you and for them.

For starters, you’re not as comfortable. You don’t feel as natural as you did with

something you don’t make money off of. Now you’re forcing it and as a result, it just

doesn’t “flow” the same.

It’s also different for them because they know you’re making money from the deal. It’s

no longer an unbiased, “third party” opinion. People can smell an “incentivized” referral

from a mile away. The whole dynamics of it has changed.

So the fact is, in network marketing you have now crossed over from the world of

personal recommendation to the realm of direct sales. Don’t let anyone tell you they’re

the same, because they’re not.

Once you get this you’ll" understand that you do indeed need to learn" effective sales skills.

It isn’t enough to just “recommend” your products to people you know.

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