I'm excited about Traffic Exchanges Again

Nov 22nd 2010 at 12:58 AM

For a while there Traffic Exchanges were in danger of becoming irrelevant in the new web 2.0 environment as savvy marketers worked to use Facebook , Twitter and other forms of social media to their advantage.

Many Traffic Exchanges tried  to keep their audience by paying them to surf and while it was good in theory, it attracted many "penny clickers " in to the exchanges dramatically reducing serious advertisers ROI (return on Investment) and maybe endagering the entire industry.

But Traffic Exchange owners are an adroit and skillful bunch.

Tim Linden's StartXchange was miles ahead of the game when he created an online community who advertised their sites through his Traffic Exchange.  He added chat maybe two years ago and made Social networking possible.  The clever, eneterprising and smart marketers who used StartXchange at the time were able to build and create followings by being helpful and just plain old friendly in the chat room.

Many TE's followed suit, but StartXchange was the pioneer in this area and Tim has to be congratulated on his foresight.

The first TE to fully explore the possibilities of Social integration was John Guanzon's Thumb Vu.  An ambitious project Thumb Vu was launched in January this year to rave reviews.  The site enables sites to be liked and tweeted while also allowing members to display y theirs ites in the gallery, matched to appropriate keywords.  You can also promote your favorite social media sites like twitter, facebook, blogs, and build your list while using only 1 advertising credit.

Thumb Vu has been a constant work in progress and right now it is quite possibly the state of the art Traffic Exchange.

Then of course, there is Sweeva.

Make no mistake I love Sweeva - it encourages social interaction and immeadite feedback.  Many Traffic Exchange users used to just clicking for credits haven't really got the concept but Sweeva is the ultimate branding machine.  Get on there, promote you, get feedback Improve.

The potential of Sweeva is limitless but you need to be social and you need to start promoting you.

Lastly I would like to dip my lid to a small Traffic Exchange that was launched without much fanfare but is creating lots of social interaction.  Traffic Swirl is a cleverly constructed Traffic Exchange that invites participattion and reward active participants for effort.  I find it addictive.

The days of promoting affiliate links on Traffic Exchanges are all but over - the days of marketing you and what you have to offer are coming in a rush.

Its exciting, its challenging and it makes me want to be involved in Traffic Exchange marketing again.

Bring it on!




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Dec 6th 2010 at 5:41 PM by freesia60
Good article :)
Nov 29th 2010 at 7:15 AM by Rickson
I whole heartedly agree Mark about Tim having foresight about Social Networking and using chat! It IS the future of where TE's and how all marketers and affiliates should do as an integral part of Branding. John Bells site is TOP NOTCH..he is a contender already as a powerhouse Marketer and TE Owner of TrafficSwirl! Great Article and well written! Cheers! Rick ( Rickson Global Mkg)
Nov 29th 2010 at 4:49 AM by insidmal
Hey this is an awesome article, Mark, thanks for mentioning Traffic Swirl in among the likes of Tim Linden's StartXChange & his, Austin, and Jon Olson's Sweeva.. that's quite a compliment.. much respect, friend.

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