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Jan 20th 2013 at 1:25 PM

The momentum in ilivingapp has taken off like a runaway train, this is not just hype I'm talking about its real. I've never seen this many heavy hitters in one place since the All Star Game. The buzz is out of control on ILA. People are jumping on board left and right and for good reason.

Are there glitches and missteps involved? You bet there are but that's what pre-launch is all about, testing and tweaking systems and programs. Are there pro's and cons involved with ILA? Of course there are, after all this is a brand spanking new concept and program.

Some of the pro's are that this is a great concept with a strong team of developers and Marketing team, we're going to offer something everyone can use from business teams to everyday people who just want some inspiration in their lives. The sky is the limit with ilivingapp's suite of apps and that's no joke.

Some of the cons may be that since this is so simple that a lot of newbies are hopping aboard which may no be so bad at all. That just proves how simple this program is to the average person with no techie skills needed. We all started somewhere when we first learned about Network Marketing.

Some will ask, why should I pay for your app program when I can download free apps and apps for .99 all day long? Good question and the answer to that is, how many of those apps can you get paid on? How many of those free and .99 apps use the free angle to suck you in only to give you a small taste of the real app you'll have to pay for anyway?

All in all I think this is a great program to dip your toe into, especially since its absolutely free until pre-launch and the ILA momentum is off the charts. People are wondering, what the heck is ilivingapp and what is all this buzz about? Is this some kind of new Mobile app scam? Who are the developers? Who is the Marketing team? What's the final cost?

You can find the answers to all these questions and more by stopping by my site and taking a look around, look at it this way, it cost nothing to look, heck it cost nothing to join before Feb. 1st. What have you got to lose but a few minutes? No obligations or fees.

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