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Jan 16th 2013 at 12:11 PM

We had an eye opening conference call at iliving app the other night and it was right on point, it was stressed to us that if we're going to use unethical Marketing tactics that we should cease and desist immediatly and if we proceed it would be against everything ilivingapp stands for and should go elsewhere if we continue.

I know exactly what they mean because when I was a newbie, I was trained in these questionable tactics and didn't have a clue that it was dead wrong and screamed desperation and deceit and did nothing but dirty my and the company name not to mention the brand.

We here at ilivingapp don't need to resort to these slimy tactics to get our point accross because our product and brand speaks for itself and have no need for this. As you surf ilivingapp keywords online you'll see plenty of this going on and I strongly suggest you run for the hills if you see these methods being used.

Again, our product speaks for itself and we make no unrealistic outlandish claims, yes we have a Home Business attached to our business with a decent comp plan but the truth is that not everyone will succeed as in any business and I'm here to personally confirm that fact. Most people will join expecting to get rich quick as in many other businesses and the minute they find out they have to put some work in like everyone else they'll quit and pack it in.

Some people have stooped to creating titles such as ilivingapp spam just to get readers because this is a low brow version for SEO, most people look for the negative and will click on their link not knowing this person is a member. To some people Home Business and work from home businesses are just a numbers game. They know most newbies won't stick.

The bottom line is that I would use these apps even if I weren't a member of ilivingapps affiliate program simply because I believe its a good product that will help me in my everyday life. I won't go into our comp plan or telling you that you can make a million dollars a month. I'll allow the site to do the talking, afterall the site is a great tool to explain our developers Savageapps, our mission and a few other important points.

Feel free to stop by my site and take a look around @

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