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· Very New MLM Companies That Have Not Even Made It To Prelaunch


I am internet junkie. I'm really on the internet way too much but truthfully,,, I really enjoying trying to make a buck and helping others do the same.

I sit back in my recliner and sometimes fall asleep with my computer in my lap. See,,, I have a bad back and really can't sit at a desk without extreme pain. Sitting in my recliner helps with the pain because it's a big mans recliner and I have plenty of room in it. Most nights I sleep in it.

I'm in so many different money making biz ops that we,,, me and my wife decided on making an LLC to put all of these businesses under one identity. I have a website for this at LLC

Wilbert | ThatFreeThing
FREE ZEEK REWARDS-save money, make money and penny auctions also. Very interesting site. Some people are bidding $1 and getting $50-100 items.

If you have not looked at That Free Thing yet,,, then you need to.

Apr 20th 2011 at 6:09 PM

That free Thing Logo
If you have not looked at That Free Thing yet then you really need to take some time and look it over.

This is a network marketing company but your not required to recruit any people to make money. It helps to sign people up and the amount of money you make will be a lot more.

This is a forced matrix so people will automatically be placed under you. You don't have to do anything except pay your monthly fee of $9.95.

Here is what I like about That Free Thing.
1. Great FREE stuff is added to your back office every day.
2. If you join just for the FREE stuff and never sign up anybody there is a chance that at some point you may have hundreds of people under you. At that point you will probably be paid enough to pay your monthly $9.95 fee.
3. At some point in time you may decide that you want more then just the FREE stuff. Maybe you want to have a home business. Well,,, you have one with That Free Thing. Start signing up people and when you hit 5 sign-ups you will see a jump in you income. Then again at 10 and 15 sign-ups. 

Half the people that are in my downline are just in That Free Thing for the FREE stuff. That's great,,, I love having happy customers. Happy customers tell others about the service and all of a sudden without recruiting a person they find that someone wants to join That Free Thing and get the same great offers you are getting.

So a lot of times I get people looking at and joining just because I'm telling them about some of the FREE stuff I got today. To me that's not recruiting,,, that's just talking to your friends and people you meet in person and online like I am doing right now with you reading this.

So visit my personal That Free Thing websites at  and .

By the way. When you join with me and you get 3 people to sign-up, I will make you a webpage on one of my websites so you have more then just your company website. This helps you get leads. You just tell me what you want of the webpage and I will do it.

My main That Free Thing company website is

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Dec 14th 2012 at 9:23 PM by shahids
That free thing it' a very looking customer site.

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