If you build your business by doing something that you DESPISE doing....

Feb 17th 2013 at 4:23 AM

"If you build your business by doing something 
that you DESPISE doing....

...your business won't last. 

Because no matter how much you want to
make money, eventually your disgust for what 
you're doing will become more powerful...

Bottom line... if what you're doing sucks.....don't 
do it. 

There are things that are NOT worth the money. 


I learned a long time ago:

"If you build with a slavery model... it will keep you a slave."

Remember that."

Quick Story....

My friend Aaron shared this with me: 

He wrote: 

"It was 2001 and I'd just built my first successful 
team ever...

...I quit my job at the gym and I was making about 
$3,000 per month in my Network Marketing Company. 

It was all "old school'. 

Private business receptions, in home presentations, 
restaurant gatherings and hotel meetings.

One day a buddy of mine in the business gave me
a set of audio-cassettes and said, "This will make your 
business so simple that even your grandma could do 

He was going to teach me the secret of "duplication".

And boy, I was HUNGRY for it.

I wanted so bad to go from making $3,000 to $30,000.

....and I knew that duplication was the key. 

Have you ever felt like that?  That if you could just 
find "The Secret Strategy", your business would 

Well, that was how I felt.

So I listened to the audio tapes.  The guy was a multi-million 
dollar earner in the industry and he was talking about 
doing 3-way calls.

...I was excited.


It made total sense.  

If the problem is that people can't make sales on their own, 
then doing 3way calls would be the solution!

I couldn't believe it would be so EASY...

....and my team got PUMPED!  They loved the idea.

So, the next day it started like a whirlwind!

Someone called me at 8:30 am and said, "Aaron, do you 
have time for a quick three-way call?  I've got a prospect 
on the line who wants to get some questions answered...."

I said, "Sure, patch 'em through."

It worked!

We got his Aunt Sally in the business!

Yeah baby! 

My team started blowing up.  

The key?  "Get all your prospects on the phone 
with Aaron and he will get them all in the business."

Can you imagine what happened next? 

For the next 3 YEARS, my phone was ringing constantly 
from 10:30 am to 11pm 

Needless to say, it "worked". 

But I was exhausted.  I was disconnected.

And I found myself dreading the phone ringing.

Dozens of calls per day.  Hundreds of calls per week.

I can't tell you how many times I left Sophia
sitting in a nice restaurant eating a nice steak dinner
by herself because I had to step out in the lobby 
and talk to a prospect on a 3 way call. 

Did I make a living?  Sure.  But I didn't have much 
of a LIFE.

One night, my buddy Joe was at my house.  He was in the
business.  We were sitting around talking or something.

And around 11:30pm, my phone rang.  

I answered it and said, "Hello?"

"Aaron, I'm so excited!  I've got this prospect 
on the line who's really excited about the business.  
She's SO EXCITED!!!  Can you do a 3-way call 
for me?"

So, like a super-hero I said, "Sure, patch her through 
and let's do it."

I was pacing while I was talking.  I was on the phone 
until about midnight or so.....and it worked!  Like a 
super-hero I'd put another one in the business.

I sat down, looked at my buddy Joe and said... 
"Got another one!" 

My buddy Joe looked at me and said....

"Aaron, I quit."

I just looked at him.  I wasn't sure I understood what 
he'd said.

I said, "You quit? Why?" 

And then he told me a PROFOUND TRUTH that day.

He said, "Aaron, no amount of money is worth what you just
did.  You just answered your phone at 11:30 at night....talked
until midnight just to convince someone's aunt to join a
business that claims to be about 'time freedom'.  It's BS, man.
I'm out."


I didn't get it that day.  But looking back, he was totally right.

And it also explained why my team was burned out and
I constantly had to enroll a bunch of people every month
to replace the ones who quit.

They were exhausted and they'd lost their belief.


Because Joe was right.

And that's why, today, I don't do any phone prospecting.

And that's why I've made over $1,000 per day every day
for the last 60 days.  Many times, much more than that. 

Part time, on the side - without even picking up a phone. 

How many prospects did I call?


How many home-parties?


How many one-on-one presentations?


How many people did I "hand out samples" to?


Matter of fact, let me show you how to get people
to fall in LOVE with buying from you, without you
even picking up the phone! 

See My Freedom System Here <--- 

*No 3 way calls allowed

Look, there are some things that we need to be honest


You're joining this business to make a ton of money 
and have time freedom.  NOT to be a telemarketer.

Telemarketers make about $8.50 per hour in the
U.S. and $3 per hour in the Philippines.

If you make more money than that, why on earth
would you start beating the phone in a home business?

There is no need to pick up the phone when you 
learn how to make people buy from you first...

Because the best prospect is a customer. 

Trust me when I tell you... you can do this too. 

See My Freedom System Here

There are things that duplicate but do NOT suck.  

For instance, David Wood tells the story of a guy
he knows who made $800k per year for about
a decade.  

David asked him how much "work" he did each
month.  He said, "not much at all."  

David asked, "How many calls did you make?"

He said, "Phone calls?  Maybe 4 or 5".

David said, "per MONTH????"

He said, "Yup."

David said, "What was the secret, man?"

He said, "The system automatically did all the
things that we as leaders didn't want to do...."

And without even speaking to people first,
there's a very simple way to get them to check
everything out first, buy second, and then call

This is the exact opposite of how everyone
'struggling' is doing it - and this is your FIRST

See My Freedom System Here

Read that again. 

There's a huge wealth clue there.

The system did all the things that you don't want to do.

See how I do it here...

That's how the big boys play.  

Plus, it's more fun.

I know that I'm going to make AT LEAST $1,000
every single day....

....and I don't have to pick up a phone to do it.

I don't have to go to someone's house to do
little milk-and-cookie parties in the living room.

I don't have to draw circles on the back of a
napkin down at the coffee shop.

Look, you don't want to do that stuff either.

So why do you keep joining businesses
where that's what you have to do to make money?

See My Freedom System Here

This email might be controversial.

And God knows that most of the people in
the MLM industry will tell you that I'm wrong.

But, how many of them are making $7,000-$12,000
per WEEK by following a system that's making
tons of money for thousands of people?

That's what I thought.

This is just my perspective.

If you like the way this sounds, then watch this
carefully and get all in.

Take it or leave it.  Either way, I am in your corner!

Courtney ###

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