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If it's Not a Money Making site, "NO" One reads it, Why?

Oct 8th 2011 at 8:57 AM

October 8, 2011

If it's Not a Money Making site, "NO" One reads it, Why?

Been doing some research tonight on what sites get the most attention on the "Social Media Sites"!! I am not at all surprise by what l discovered at all, totally expected it and knew it for a longtime.  Most members, are to focused on clicking the sites that will actually lead them to the never, never land.

So if l promote useless links from lets say "Click Bank" they have made millions of dollars not knocking them at all, just how many other members are promoting that same product; the same way as all the other affiliated members are doing it.  So let's be honest here, when you decided to promote that product, your mind said wow, l am going to become rich with this. Forgetting one thing, if you find it, how many others are using it before you find it.

So the point here is if you are up against all the other affiliated members, what competitive edge are you using to make your link different and optimized differently with creative meta tags, key words and key word phrases.  What makes you stand out..  With all due respect anyone can copy and paste and then click the hit button and send it to cyber space. But did you get any confirmation in your "INBOX" saying Congratulation you have made a "sale". 

If you do not believe me go to your email account and see if you have any....I hope you do, really l do. Not that easy at all, when you have so many people pitching the same items you are.  Everything you found on the internet, someone has beating you to it.  How do l know this been doing this since l learned CABAL, RPG, DOS yea showing my age.

When you fully understand and learn how the search engines crawl your site and perhaps index your site and how it is being ranked by "Alexa's Ranking" then you have a competitive edge.  Investing in your abilities, will provide you with an accurate "ROI" return on your investment..

The internet is the fastest way to make real money and the most frustrating place when your not making money.  You say how come l am not get clicks, how come no one likes my articles, what did l do wrong.  Yes l could go on...but why right you all know the point and the 'WHY FACTOR"....

All the Best,


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Oct 8th 2011 at 1:04 PM by jfbmarketing
When l wrote this l had no idea l was going to write a second article, then one the members here said on his comment so l guess l will wait for part 2. I said part time had never entered my mind....but hey, he called me on this so l figured he had a desire to learn more about how to become a more effective marketer on the internet. Learning what your real "ROI" is and when learn this system it will provide you with opportunities. All the best, Joseph Botelho
Oct 8th 2011 at 9:04 AM by jfbmarketing
I hope this all makes some sense to most of us who read it.

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