IDENTIGUARD - Preventative ID Theft Protection Service

Sep 11th 2010 at 6:15 AM


you resell or use my information for any purposes?
No. We keep it strictly confidential and use it only for our IDENTIGUARD™ Service.

Do you need my SS# of date of birth?
No. By using our proprietary IDENTIGUARD™ system, we are able to protect you without the use of this personal, sensitive information. We know of no other system that can give you this level of protection without using a SS #.

I believe that I am a victim of identity theft. What should I do?
There is a series of steps available that victims should take.

Is my information secure?
Yes. First we have the highest level of security systems possible in place. And, since we only use your name, address, and phone number to provide our service, your personal and sensitive information such as SS# and DOB is not at risk

How does your monitoring service work?
“Our proprietary IDENTIGUARD™ Identity Monitoring system searches OVER 1500 data sources looking for changes in key information…such as your address… that would indicate a possible identity theft. If we see an address change, we place a personal call to you to determine if you changed your address….or if someone else initiated the change. You may have initiated the change by moving or sending a bill to another address of yours. If you did initiate the change, then we update your file. If you did not initiate the change, then it could be the beginning of an ID theft.” And … then we provide you with the steps you need to take to protect your identity.

What do you mean by non-financial such as IRS fraud?
An example of IRS fraud is the widely reported case of Audra Schmierer from the
San Francisco area. Audra had not worked in years but yet she received a bill from the IRS stating that she owed $15,000 from a job that she had worked in Texas four years earlier. Of course she didn’t work that job. Someone had used her number to get a job leaving Audra with the IRS debt. The investigation further discovered that her SS# had been used in 17 states by 81 different people. In fact, one of the thieves purchased her number at a flea market.

What kind of data sources do you monitor?
We look at a broad range of both financial and non-financial. Some examples are:
the three major credit bureaus, cell phone records, white and yellow pages, insurance groups, subscriptions, financial institutions, and real property records.

Is this credit monitoring? What is the difference?
No. Credit Monitoring looks at credit. IDENTIGUARD™ watches hundreds of financial and non-financial data sources looking for the key to identity theft … which according to law enforcement is the address.

My credit monitoring service says that they monitoring address changes as well. Why is yours better?
The credit bureaus are only looking at the address they have while we look at hundreds of different financial and non-financial sources to compare the different sources to determine if there truly has been a change or is there an error in the data. Also, it was reported by the Federal Reserve that an independent study group determined that up to 79% of credit reports have some type of errors.

Is there a guarantee that my identity will not be stolen?
No one can guarantee that. However, IDENTIGUARD™ was designed to catch an id
theft early or before it happens. The key to limiting your damage is to take the proper steps after you become aware that there is a potential theft. If you discover it within the first 30 days, the FTC estimates that it takes about 10 hours to repair your identity. If you catch it later, it can take up to 300 hours and 44 months to fix.

I believe that I have insurance coverage but I did not get a policy. Am I covered?
Because you are covered under an “Chartis Master Policy,” individual policies are not issued. To learn more about your coverage, please review the “summary of benefits.” For additional information beyond that, please call Chartis at 1.866.434.3572.

How do I file a claim?
Please call Chartis at 1.866.434.3572. They can help you 24/7.

What is the master policy number?
Courtney Lawrence
888 410 2980


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