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IBOtoolbox – An Endless Goldmine of Leads!

May 15th 2013 at 10:44 PM

IBOtoolbox – An Endless Goldmine of Leads!

by fmbuchanan | on April 30, 2013

If you’re looking for 1 nugget in the MLM or Work from Home niche, then I’d have to say IBOtoolbox is an endless goldmine of leads!


If you’re just using IBO Toolbox as just some other place to push your company then you’ve got it all wrong! Keep reading to see how you can transition your marketing approach from the beginning so that you can get the most out of an always FREE social platform with a plethora of tools and resources that many, including myself, take for granted.

If you paid a monthly payment of say $50 per month for your IBOtoolbox membership you’d take it a bit more serious, I’m sure, but since it’s free we tend to sleep on the potential of just this alone for getting your potential prospects. The wrong approach, believe me I’ve done it, is writing every press release about something that only benefits you and clearly no one else. The fact is that many times we don’t understand why we would want to like or even share someone’s post, especially to our own social network, that’s CRAZY, but thanks to IBO Spirit that’s exactly the sort of stuff the IBO’ers do up in here.

The support is unlike anywhere else you’d find online to date. See we’ve got our hands on a network that if we wanted to say join any business all we’d have to do is simply go to our IBO Search tool and type in the name of that company (you know the one you’ve had your eye on for some time) and just read through some of the IBO Press Releases, and we’d get a fair assessment of what kind of upline that IBO’er would turn out to be and then decide whether or not to join them.

The flip side of the IBO Search would be using it to target market certain marketers, in the right way of course, meaning we would do the same as we would do if we were going to join them, we’d read through their IBO Press Releases and determine whether or not they’d make a good candidate for our business, but more importantly taking into consideration how our offer will empower or align with their vision based on what we’ve read thus far. If all adds up we can reach out to them and either invite them to be associates which now we can instant message them, email them within the contact manager, connect with them on their other social networks, and finally even pick up the old phone and call them.

IBO Search is by far one of the most coolest things here, and that’s a stretch cause there’s lots of tools and resources here in addition to all of the great minds that comprise this here community we call IBO (independent business owner) Toolbox. So when you’re busy doing what you do, ask yourself this question before pitching your business opportunity to another network or online marketer who don’t know about IBOtoolbox;

“what do I have in my Toolbox that I can offer that will create safety and be equally perceived as neutral ground?” If IBOtoolbox doesn’t come to mind instantly, then you may have missed your window of opportunity of being able to make a colleague out of that fellow marketer instead of just another NO closer to getting your YES.

Remember folks IBOtoolbox is an Endless Goldmine of Leads as long as you pay attention to the needs of others and use the right approach.

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